Issue #254

April 23rd, 2017

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Testing MVP using Espresso and Mockito (

Josias Sena's simplified tutorial on how to unit test the “oh so amazing” MVP architecture pattern that many of us try to follow.

How to Create Gradle Plugin in Kotlin (

Are you going to create a Gradle plugin in Kotlin? Check out these useful tips!

Idiomatic Kotlin. Best Practices. (

In order to take full advantage of Kotlin, we have to revisit some best practices we got used to in Java. Many of them can be replaced with better alternatives that are provided by Kotlin.

Interviewing Android Developers (

A friend of Brendan Fahy's recently asked him for some advice about interviewing Android developers, which he ended up writing down for everyone to read.

All You Need is Just a Little Patience (

Zarah Dominguez explains how to get into presenting at your local Droidcon or other event.

link image   Mirror: Easy Reflection for Java and Android (

Sylvain Galand introduces Mirror, a Java library allowing you to write interfaces with annotations - à la Retrofit - to avoid the pain of the reflection API.

Navigation and Styling with React Native (

This tutorial is all about in app navigation in React Native.

Fragments: The Solution to (and Cause of) All of Android’s Problems (

Michael Yotive looks at Fragments in 2017 and what options exist if you want to avoid them.

Continuous Integration on Android (

Coltin Caverhill describes Yelp's CI/CD setup on a dedicated cluster of AWS machines. These machines run JUnit tests, static analysis, build APKs, merge code, and send notifications.

A Groovy Script to Save Them All (

Robert Simoes shares Gradle task to archive APKs once built through Android Studio.

Inspiring learning and creativity with VR (

VR has the potential to provide an entirely new perspective on people, places, and things. Shazia Makhdumi wants to encourage the developer community to push the envelope of innovation for VR, particularly in inspiring learning and creativity.



link image   Your build took how long?! (

Stop struggling with long build times and unusable tools. JRebel For Android is now FREE! Yes, you heard us right.

link image   Kobiton: Your Complete Mobile Device Lab Solution (

Kobiton is the mobile device cloud platform you need to manage the devices you own and access the devices you want. From manual to automation testing, Kobiton gives you one view of all your testing history. Sign up to start your free 15 day trial and start testing on real devices!

link image   Buddybuild - a CI & CD built for Android developers (

Buddybuild is the continuous integration & deployment platform trusted by companies like Slack, Meetup, Firefox to reliably build, test & deploy their mobile apps. It saves you the time required to setup & operate a CI / CD system so you can stay focused on crafting apps users love. See why 1000s of companies love buddybuild.



Senior Android Software Engineer (Remote)

We at Jack Henry are driven to break the norm of same-old banking apps. With a focus on great user experience and design, we're looking for engineers who are invested in the platform. If you're reading Android Weekly, you're probably the type of developer with the enthusiasm we want on our team!

Senior Android Engineer @ Tinder (Los Angeles OR Palo Alto )

Are you an awesome Android Developer? Do you want to work on products that are seen by tens of millions of users? Are you passionate about clean code? Tinder is hiring talented Senior Android Engineers that will be instrumental in taking our product to the next level! Apply below


Libraries & Code

Litho (

Facebook has released Litho at F8. Litho uses a declarative API to define UI components. You simply describe the layout for your UI based on a set of immutable inputs and the framework takes care of the rest. With code generation, Litho can perform optimisations for your UI under the hood, while keeping your code simple and easy to maintain.



How to navigate through your java projects on Github like a boss? (

Ishan Khanna wrote a Chrome plugin that helps you navigate classes in your project similarly to Android Studio.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Droidcon Italy 2017 (

All the presentations from Droidcon Italy 2017

Managing State with RxJava by Jake Wharton (

RxJava's use in building Android apps has grown rapidly! Combining and composing synchronous and asynchronous sources of data has become easy. That burden that remains is where to put the overall state of the application and how to handle its changes. This talk will be an exploration in how we can increase the confidence and determinism of our app state.

ADB 64: Gradleweiss (

In this episode, Chet and Tor talk with Xavier Ducrohet and Jerome Dochez from the Android Studio team. We talk about gradle, gradle, and gradle. And then some more about gradle, rounding out the dicussion with a chat about gradle before ending on a brief discourse on gradle

Litho: A Declarative Framework for Efficient UIs (

Components for Android allows developers to implement complex, efficient RecyclerViews through a simple declarative API. In this session we’ll discuss the function and features of this powerful framework.

Design Snippets: Circuit's simple and clean visual design (

In this installment of Design Snippets, Roman Nurik looks at visual design elements in a transit-planning app called Circuit, and particularly how contrast, a clear visual language, subtle motion, and use of keylines make the app feel simple and easy to use.