Issue #256

May 7th, 2017

Articles & Tutorials

link image   ViewPagerAnimator – The Basics (

Mark Allison announces the release of a new lightweight, yet extremely powerful ViewPager animation library named, unsurprisingly ViewPagerAnimator. ViewPagerAnimator is designed to animate arbitrary values as the user navigates between pages within a ViewPager.

Tail recursion and how to use it in Kotlin (

Jorge Castillo introduces tail recursion and how it can be applied in Kotlin.

Reactive with MVI Part 6 - Restoring State (

Restoring state “in memory” (for example during screen orientation change) and restoring a “persistent state” (for example from Bundle previously saved in Activity.onSaveInstanceState()).

DroidConBos 2017 Review (

Victoria Gonda shares her experience at the awesome Droidcon Boston.

BrailleBox: Building a Braille news reader with Android Things (

Joe Birch prototypes a braille reader with Android Things.

Dagger 2: Android Modules (

Ash Davies proposes a way to modularize your Android app using Dagger 2.

Setting up a Jenkins Pipeline for Android Testing (

The Philosophical Hacker is a big fan of testing, and setting up a Jenkins server is one of the first things he usually does for automating running those tests.

Kotlin vs. Java: First Impressions Using Kotlin (

The ArcTouch team is sold on Kotlin. It was such a positive experience for them that it’s hard to imagine them using any other language for native Android projects.

Hello Flax — A Reactive Architecture For Android (

Cody Engel introduces Flax, a new reactive framework that he is currently developing.



link image   How secure is your Android app? (

Codified Security is a platform for easy to use, fast, & precise automated mobile app security testing. We guarantee a 1 business day SLA, a low false positive rate and remediation advice. Sign up now to upload your Android app and get $100 free credit with the coupon ANDROIDWEEKLY.

link image   Kobiton: Your Complete Mobile Device Lab Solution (

Kobiton is the mobile device cloud platform you need to manage the devices you own and access the devices you want. From manual to automation testing, Kobiton gives you one view of all your testing history. Sign up to start your free 15 day trial and start testing on real devices!


Libraries & Code

ViewPagerAnimator (

A lightweight, yet powerful ViewPager animation library for Android

floatingMenu (

A configurable orbit-like action button with animations

RxLoader (

compose() your Observables and Singles into ones that load data that's cached across activity orientation changes without leaking your Activity and without you having to worry about unsubscribing.

AdaptableBottomNavigation (

This library allows you to easily create an adapter for use with Bottom Navigation so that you can work with the views similar to the ViewPager.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Android Makers 2017 (

All the presentations from Android Makers 2017 conference in France.

Kate Catlin: Unit Testing (2 of 4) (

In part 2 of this 4 part series, Kate discovers that testing is mostly about refactoring, and proceeds to extract the logic out of the Activity into a pure Java class.

ExoPlayer 2.0 & Brushing Up on Lint (

A Beginner's Guide to ExoPlayer 2.0 & Brushing Up on Lint from NY Android Developers Meetup in April