Issue #257

May 14th, 2017

Articles & Tutorials

link image   History Of Uber Engineering’s Codebase Organization (

During our Uber's Technology Day, Aimee Lucido delivered a presentation on the history of Uber Engineering’s Android codebase. In this article, she expands on the reasons behind Uber’s decision to build a monorepo to support the growth of our Android development.

Make or break… with Gradle (

Tancho Markovik shares some Gradle tips to automate the mundane, but important code quality tasks of software development.

Identifying an Android Device (

Sam Edwards collected the various IDs can be obtained programmatically on Android that can be used to identify a device or installation.

ViewPagerAnimator – The Advanced Stuff (

Mark Allison has released ViewPagerAnimator, a lightweight, yet extremely powerful ViewPager animation library.

link image   Nothing (else) matters in Kotlin (

Everything has a type in Kotlin: objects, functions, nothing itself has a type, and it’s unsurprisingly Nothing.

Android Parcelables Made Easy (

Caren Chang writes a great overview of everything needed in a Parcelable implementation.

Why I run a conference (

As some of you know, Chiu-Ki Chan one of the organizers for 360|AnDev. It's a lot of work to run a conference, so why does she do it?

Android shortcuts and tricks to boost up your productivity! (

14 great shortcuts in Android Studio that'll help you develop even faster.

Google AIY Voice (

This project demonstrates how to get a natural language recognizer up and running and connect it to the Google Assistant. Along with everything the Google Assistant already does, you can add your own question and answer pairs. All in a handy little cardboard cube, powered by a Raspberry Pi.

Square Open Source ♥s Kotlin (

Jake Wharton & the Square team is releasing a series of articles about Kotlin and how they've started using it inside Square.



link image   Improve Your Android (and Java) Skills (

Launch a new career with a seven-day bootcamp at the Ranch. After a quick two-day overview of Java, we'll continue with five fast-paced days of intensive Android training that will cover Intents, Activities, Views and more. In only one week, you'll be ready to build your own app for the platform.

link image   Kobiton: Test your Mobile App on Real Devices (

Welcome to Kobiton, a new mobile device cloud platform that gives you access to test on the Android devices you need, when you need them. Sign up for a free trial and start testing in minutes!

link image   Release Defect-Free Android Apps Faster (

Nevercode is a user-friendly CI/CD platform that configures your projects automatically. You can build right away and improve code quality for every commit with Code Analysis, Unit & UI Tests. Deploy defect-free apps to Google Play, HockeyApp and Slack.



Revl - Senior Android Engineer (San Francisco Bay Area Preferred / Remote OK)

Revl is building an AI-enabled app for our best in class, sensor-laden action camera. We are looking for an engineer who cares deeply about using the unique features of Android to create an amazing product. Been around since Cupcake? Rx, Kotlin, Dagger 2? Love material? Desire to lead? Join us.


Libraries & Code

litho-glide (

Litho Glide is a Litho compatible library, which provides an Image Component compatible with Glide. Litho-Glide supports a wide part of Glide's functionality.

sample-googleassistant (

Google Assistant API sample for Android Things



link image   Android Studio Release Updates (

Android Studio 2.3.2 is now available in the stable channel.

Improve your Android dev skills with the new Advanced Android course (

The Advanced Android App Development online course has been updated, improved, and extended to lead you through building a range of sample apps to learn different advanced aspects of app development.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Kate Catlin: Unit Testing (3 of 4) (

In part 3 of this 4 part series, Kate writes a JVM test for her pure Java logic class, and adds a resource file to the testing source directory so she can test the parsing logic.

Advanced RxJava and Conductor (

Two presentations from NYC Android Meetup: Practical Networking with RxJava, Stephen D'Amico & Conductor: A Pragmatic Approach to Building Reusable Views, Yousuf Haque

Monorepo to Multirepo and Back Again (

Aimee Lucido, a mobile engineer on Uber's Driver Signups team, spoke about Uber’s transition from a monorepo to multirepo and back again, discussing her team’s experience growing the structure of an Android app at scale

Kotlin at Pinterest with Christina Lee (

Talking Kotlin speak with Christina Lee about her running across the country, the adoption of Kotlin at Pinterest, her perspectives on Kotlin and finally her love for peanut butter and jelly.



Developer Economics Survey Q3 2017 (

This survey is made by developers, so all the questions are 100% relevant. After completing the survey, you’ll get the chance to see how your responses compare to other devs’ in your country and you will also get a free report with key findings in July.