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May 28th, 2017

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Beautiful animations using Android ConstraintLayout (

In this post Jinyan Cao explains how to create beautiful animations using ConstraintLayout. You'll learn how to build it and about all the caveats that are coming with it.

Migrate to the New Android Plugin (

If you want to migrate your project to Android plugin 3.0.0-alpha1 or higher, read this page to learn how to apply the plugin and specific version of Gradle, and adapt your project to some breaking changes

Android Themes & styles, a real architecture (

In this post Pierre Degand explains the machanics of the theming chain and you'll learn how to create different themes for your app.

An introduction to Android Instant Apps (

Instant Apps aim to help bring users into the best native app experience as quickly as possible by downloading only parts of an application when they need them. This article goes in depth into everything needed to deliver to the app store.

link image   Introducing Kotlin Statistics (

Thomas Nield describes his new Kotlin extensions library for statistical analysis.

How to Abuse Kotlin Extension Functions (

The Philosophical Hacker wants to talk about a Kotlin language feature that he's not thrilled about because it's likely to be abused.

How to build a high five machine with Android Things and Firebase (

Marcos Placona would love to get an “Internet high five” every time someone likes one of his articles on Twitter, so he built a high five machine powered by Android Things and Firebase.

ViewPagerAnimator – The Internals (

In this final article about ViewPagerAnimator Mark Allison takes a look inside and explain how it actually works.

Kotlin purity and function memoization (

Jorge Castillo dives into functional purity with Kotlin.

Retrofiting on Android with Kotlin (

Segun Famisa talks about how do REST API consumption in your applications using Retrofit + Kotlin + RxJava.

Integrate Kotlin with a complex Android project (

In this post Manuel Vicente Vivo shows you how to tweak Dagger and Mockito to play nice with Kotlin.



link image   Buddybuild - a CI & CD built for Android developers (

Buddybuild is the continuous integration & deployment platform trusted by companies like Slack, Meetup, Firefox to reliably build, test & deploy their mobile apps. It saves you the time required to setup & operate a CI / CD system so you can stay focused on crafting apps users love. See why 1000s of companies love buddybuild.



Engineer @ Action Launcher (Remote)

Chris Lacy, developer of Action Launcher (and previously Link Bubble), is looking for engineering help. You'll be at an intermediate to senior level, have proven Android experience and work directly with me to improve Action Launcher.


Libraries & Code

kotlin-statistics (

This library contains helpful extension functions to perform exploratory and production statistics in a Kotlin-idiomatic way.

detek (

Meet detekt, a static code analysis tool for the Kotlin programming language. It operates on the abstract syntax tree provided by the Kotlin compiler



link image   Open sourcing the Firebase SDKs (

Google's Firebase team announces that we they taking the first steps towards open sourcing their client libraries.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Android Dialogs: Patrick Fuentes (

Huyen talks to Patrick Fuentes, Android developer at the Nerdery and co-organizer of GDG Twin cities, to ask him about getting started and getting involved with the Google Developer Groups.

Top Tips for Terrible Tech Talks by Chet Haase (

Chet Haase gives a terrible talk, dissects it, then offers some tips on how to make talks terrific instead.