Issue #261

June 11th, 2017

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Adaptive Icons and more (

Here are some details from Mark Allison on working with the new Adaptive Icons coming in Android O.

Gang of Four Patterns in Kotlin (

In this tutorial by Lovis Möller you'll learn about several classic Gang of Four patterns and how they can be implemented in Kotlin. Some of them are similiar to a repository by Dariusz Baciński we've published a few month ago but if you haven't seen it check out the article you might get some more context about the pattern and what makes Kotlin special.

From Westinghouse to Android Instant apps (

Steve Peterson describes how the BuzzFeed app was one of the early adopter of Instant Apps.

Musings on Kotlin Ranges (

Here are a few interesting aspects of Kotlin ranges, some of which Dan Lew found to be less-than-intuitive.

Introducing Graywater for Android (

Tumblr Engineering introduces Graywater, a framework for decomposing complex items in a RecyclerView list in order to improve scroll performance, reduce memory usage, and lay a foundation for a more composition-oriented approach to building lists.

link image   Making the Domain Android App Instant (

Zarah Dominguez's short intro to making the Domain app an Instant App.

ItemDecoration - Avoid adding dividers to the view layout (

In this three part series by Riyaz Ahamed you'll learn how ho to properly add dividers to a ListView while maintaining a great performance.

Functional Programming for Android Developers — Part 3 (

In the last post, we learned about immutability and concurrency. In this one, Anup Cowkur looks at Higher Order Functions and Closures.

Random Musings on the O Developer Preview 3 (

Here are Mark Murphy's notes on O Developer Preview 3 (ODP3).

How to speed up your slow Gradle builds (

Josh Burton compiled the tips from the Google I/O 2017 session into a handy list for easy reference.

Musings on Kotlin Ranges (

Nice article by Dan Lew about the non trivial aspects like internal optimisations or the performance of Kotlin Ranges.

Common Design Patterns for Android (

Instead of leaving tons of confusing comments in your code, a much better approach is to adopt common design patterns. This article will introduce a few common design patterns for Android that you can use while developing apps.

Predicting your app’s monetization future (

Ignacio Monereo explores lifetime value (LTV), introducing predictive analytics, suggesting a simple formula for calculating LTV, and explaining how you can get a value you can use for planning.

Reactive selfies with Camera2 API on Android - Part 1 (

In this two part tutorial Arkady Gamza will tell you how to use RxJava with the Camera2 API to get selfies from the camera.

Build a smart doorbell with Twilio and Android Things (

Great tutorial by the Twilio dev team on how to build a smart doorbell using Android Things and leveraging a little Node.js/Express server and their service.

Re-animation (

Nick Butcher updated his article on path morphing since Version 25.4 of the Android Support Library back-ported it all the way back to Ice Cream Sandwich.



Android engineer at Instacart (San Francisco)

Instacart saves every user an hour a week by delivering groceries. We love Kotlin, Rx Java & material design. Join us!

Senior Android Software Developer (Warsaw, Poland or remote)

Advance your career as an Android developer at a well-funded Swiss startup with offices in Zurich, SF and Warsaw. We make the best barcode scanning software, used by NASA and other brands everyone knows. Join us if you value good work ethic, get stuff done and enjoy a healthy work environment.

Senior Android Developer (Barcelona, Spain)

Letgo is the fastest growing mobile marketplace to buy and sell locally. We’re powering a new, mobile, secondhand economy so that nothing goes unused. Since we launched in 2015, we’ve had over 45M downloads with 20M active users on our app. We currently have offices in Barcelona and New York.


Libraries & Code

link image   Karchitec (

Kotlin RSS reader using Google android architecture components libraries

SwiftKotlin (

A tool to convert Swift code to Kotlin in a very easy and quick way.

Graywater (

Graywater is a RecyclerView adapter that facilitates the performant decomposition of complex and varied list items. It does this by mapping large data models to multiple viewholders, splitting the work needed to create a complex list item over multiple frames.

Fontify (

TextView, EditText and Button with custom fonts with normal, bold and thin style for different languages.



link image   Android O APIs are final, get your apps ready! (

The third developer preview of Android O is out. APIs are getting final, so checkout your apps and update accordingly - in particular pay attention to background limits and changes in networking, security, and privacy.

Recent Support Library Revisions (

Support library 25.4.0 has been released (as well as 26.0.0. beta 2)


Videos & Podcasts

Android Developers Backstage 69: IO IO (

In this episode, Chet and !Tor talked with a veritable mob of Android app developers about interesting stuff from Google I/O 17 and in the Android O preview release.