Issue #262

June 18th, 2017

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Kotlin: It’s the little things (

Dan Kim writes about this little touches in Kotlin that really add up to a lovable language.

Android Instant Apps, step-by-step (

Kyle Venn shares an overview of how the Vimeo app was updated with Instant Apps support.

Implementation vs API dependency (

Upgrading to Android Studio 3.0 will make building multi-module projects a lot faster, but it also means a breaking Gradle plugin API changes. Jeroen Mols details all benefits of this change and guide you through the upgrade process.

On Strategies to apply Kotlin to existing Java code (

Some nice strategies by Enrique López Mañas on how to migrate your existing Codebase to Kotlin.

Convincing the Kotlin compiler that code is safe (

Kotlin's null safety can occasionally create some tricky situations. Dan Lew demonstrates a number of strategies to convince the compiler that your code is okay!!

link image   Downloadable Fonts (

Fonts have received a lot of love from Google in Android O. In this article Mark Allison takes a look at how to use the new Downloadable Fonts, and some potential gotchas.

Action Boot Completed, IntentService, and Android 8.0 (

Another day, another unexpected side-effect of Android 8.0’s front in the War on Background Processing.

Exploring Kotlin’s hidden costs — Part 2 (

Christophe takes a close look at compiled Kotlin code to find some hidden gotchas to be careful of.

A first walk into Kotlin coroutines on Android (

Antonio Leiva's in-depth look at Kotlin coroutines.

How “Effective Java” may have influenced the design of Kotlin — Part 2 (

This is the second part of the blog series about how the book “Effective Java” may have influenced Kotlin’s design.

Chrome Custom Tabs for Android (

Nice article by Sascha Peilicke on how to implement Chrome Custom Tabs using a little library he has created. The library deals with detecting Chrome and falling back to good old WebView if it isn't available.



Android developer at Instacart (San Francisco)

Instacart saves every user an hour a week by delivering groceries. Amazon just spent 13 billion dollars to fight us. Want to beat the biggest e-commerce company in the world?! Join us

Android Developer (Charlottesville, VA OR Durham, NC)

Don’t come here for a job. Come here to be a part of something meaningful.

Senior Android Developer (Barcelona, Spain)

Letgo is the fastest growing mobile marketplace to buy and sell locally. We’re powering a new, mobile, secondhand economy so that nothing goes unused. Since we launched in 2015, we’ve had over 45M downloads with 20M active users on our app. We currently have offices in Barcelona and New York.


Libraries & Code

link image   Android Customtabs (

Chrome CustomTabs for Android demystified. Simplifies development and provides higher level classes including fallback in case Chrome isn't available on device.



link image   Reduce friction with the new Location APIs (

The 11.0.0 release of the Google Play services SDK includes a new way to access LocationServices. The new APIs do not require your app to manually manage a connection to Google Play services through a GoogleApiClient. This reduces boilerplate and common pitfalls in your app.

Gradle 4.0 Release Notes (

The Gradle team is pleased to announce Gradle 4.0.

Semantic Time support now available on the Awareness APIs (

Semantic time support has come to the Awareness APIs so that they can talk about "This weekend", "on the next holiday", "after sunset", all very common and colloquial ways of expressing time.

Android Things Developer Preview 4.1 (

A new preview is out - the release contains new hardware support and performance improvements.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Introducing the Play Billing Library - DP #1 (

Google provides a new Play Billing Library developer preview to help simplify the development process, allowing you to focus your efforts on implementing logic specifics to your app, such as displaying in-app products and purchasing items.

Working Effectively with Legacy Code (

In this mini-Fragment episode, Donn talks about Working Effectively with Legacy Code

App Shortcuts (

While in Boston for Droidcon Boston, Huyen chats with Caren Chang, Android engineer for June, about how to take advantage of the under-used but incredibly awesome world of application shortcuts