Issue #27

May 18th, 2012

Articles & Tutorials

Link Bild Using DialogFragments (

Fragments are a great way to split up Activities into smaller and better reusable pieces. Originally they were introduced with Honeycomb, but with the v4 Compat library they are also available for older devices. In this tutorial you'll learn how to create a basic input dialog with fragments.


Android CookBook (
All roads lead to Rome. But sometimes you need the best road - Android Cookbook is a crowd-sourced collection of tutorials that explain how to do specific tasks like how to deal with the GUI or how to do inter and intra process communication.

31 Days Android: Day 6 (
31 Days of Android: Day 6–Options Menus and Base Activities

StrictMode (
Do you have some problems like ANR of death or memory leaks and you have no clue where it comes from? Enable the StrictMode and get much more information about your app.

Libraries & Code

Android-image-manager (
Image manager provides performant and easy way to load image resources asynchronously with many options like loading different versions and image quality control.

ContractFragment (
This gist shows you how to implement a ContractFragment. It ensures that the parent Activity implements a contract interface.

Using Loaders beyond Cursors (
If you want to use a AsyncTaskLoader to load something over the network here is a little snippets to help you get the job done.

AdbToggleAccessLib (
A code library to communicate AdbToggle.


Link Bild Google Shifts Tack on Android (

When google bought Motorola a lot of vendors were afraid that their devices will get 2nd class citizen in the Android landscape. Now google is changing the track: Instead of one chosen vendor who will get hands on the next Android OS all vendors will get a preview so that they can start early integrating their custom extensions.


Android Income Report #12 (
Another great Android income report. If you want to make money in the Playstore this is an essential resource.


Android App Patterns (
Do you need some inspiration on design? Android app patterns shows great examples for many UI design patterns.

App of the Week

AdbToggle (
AdbToggle is a security tool that allows you to toggle the USB debug settings.