Issue #272

August 27th, 2017

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Android Dev 101: Things every beginner should know (

See some of the practices that a beginner or an intermediate (if missed any) level developer should know in order to get better out of the Android framework.

99.9% crash free sessions (

Christian Dehning shares a couple tips on how to get your app closer to crash-free.

Google releases source for Google I/O 2017 for Android (

Google has released the source code for the official Google I/O 2017 for Android app.

Kotlin From Scratch: Ranges and Collections (

In the previous article in this series, you learned about nullability, loops, and conditions in Kotlin. In this tutorial, we'll continue to learn the language by looking at the ranges and collections API in Kotlin.

How to test Fragments in isolation (

Brais Gabín Moreira introduces a new FragmentTestRule for Espresso tests.

link image   Time for non-Time Lords – Part 3 (

Previously Mark Allison discussed the various APIs available to use to simplify date and time handling, so let’s dive in and see how they work.

Android Architecture Components MVVM — Part 1 (

Simon Joecks shows how LiveData and ViewModel can be used to create a scalable application for real life requirements.

Taming state in Android with Elm Architecture and Kotlin, Part 2 (

In this post, Sergey Grekov shows how to implement The Elm Architecture in Android, how to use it in presenters and how to test it.

What’s Revolutionary about Flutter (

The Flutter mobile app SDK is a new way to build fast, beautiful mobile apps that helps developers break away from “cookie cutter” apps that have been so common in the past.

How to improve app design for Wear 2.0 (

There are a few design considerations in relation to navigation, notifications, the complications API, and the standalone functionality to help you better optimize for Wear 2.0 devices

Preconditions.kt: Validate Your Kotlin (

To make input validation a little less verbose, Kotlin provides a set of utility functions. Egor Andreevici dives in to see how they work.

What’s new in Leanback: Part 2 (

New to Android TV? Curious about the new changes with the 26.0.0 support library? In this series of articles, Benjamin Baxter looks into different components.

Understanding the performance benefits of using ConstraintLayout (

There is a notable performance benefit to using ConstraintLayout. This post walks through how you can benefit from these performance improvements.

Validator (

John Petitto writes about using his validator library to be used with TextInputLayout from the Support Design library.



Android Developer (Durham, NC)

WillowTree is a digital product agency in Durham, NC. We design and build custom native apps and web apps for some of the world's largest brands — HBO, GE, Johnson & Johnson, and more. Our in-house team collaborates to build digital experiences that solve real-world problems and delight our users.


Libraries & Code

link image   VoiceRipple (

Voice Record Button that has ripple effect with users voice.

FragmentTestRule (

JUnit Rule to test a Fragment in isolation

iosched (

The Google I/O 2017 Android App

LoggingInterceptor (

An OkHttp interceptor which logs request and response data in a pretty way.

Android Studio Plugins (

This is a list of all awesome and useful android studio plugins. This repo will be updated regularly for new entries.

validator (

Get easy error validation by swapping out TextInputLayout with ValidatingTextInputLayout



link image   Five things to consider before going indie (

This is a highly reflective article written by an independent Android developer who didn’t make it. It is zero motivational bs. — only cold hard truth. You have been warned.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   What's New in Android Oreo for Developers (

Android Oreo is available to consumers. Here's a summary of what you need to know to make sure that these early adopters have a great experience, along with ways to enhance that experience with new O features and the support library.

Experts on Air: Building Android apps with Kotlin (

Join Google Developers Experts and guest speakers Moyinoluwa Ademi and Segun Famisa as they take us through the Kotlin programming language and what it offers for android developers.

Android Dialogs: Mallika Potter (

Huyen asks Mallika Potter, Android developer at Pinterest, about her process for bringing accessibility to Android apps.

Android Dialogs: Jonathan Maltz (

Huyen talks to Jonathan Maltz, developer at Yelp, about mentoring other developers, especially new hires: why mentoring is important, how to get started, and some basics of being a good mentor.