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September 3rd, 2017

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Open Source Your Android Code (

By open sourcing your work you’ll (hopefully) provide valuable code to the Android community, receive constructive feedback and collaborate on building something better than what you originally had. Here's how!

The drawbacks of migrating to Kotlin (

There are some drawbacks you should be aware of before migrating your code base as well. Here are some of those.

Android physics based animation (

Let’s explore what is physics based animation and how it is different from normal animation.

link image   Buddybuild - a mobile-focused CI & CD that "just works" (

Buddybuild is a CI, CD and user feedback platform built specifically for iOS and Android developers. Thousands of companies, like Slack, Meetup and Mozilla trust buddybuild with their mobile development because it allows them to focus on what's important - building apps users love. Sign up today

Device to Device Push Notification using Cloud Functions for Firebase (

This tutorial presents device to device push notification in an android application. A user writes to the database, and all other users, who subscribe to that node(location) in the database, get notified.

Kotlin and Rx2: How I wasted 5 hours because of wrong brackets (

An article about when Kotlin and Rx2 came into play, the one single replacement of () to {} completely changed the behaviour of an app without any warnings in compile-time. 

Android Notifications — An elegant way to build and display (

This post is about receiving push notifications with a custom payload and displaying different notification based on that payload.

Fast Scrolling with RecyclerView (

With Support Library 26 features, a much-awaited feature was enabled: fast scrolling for RecyclerView. Shaishav Gandhi shows you how to use it.



Smarthome Android Developer (Winnipeg, Canada)

Umbrela ( is a startup building smarthome devices that replace conventional light switches and outlets. Our devices support built-in home security, multi-room audio, voice control, video intercom and wall wash RGB lighting to name a few.


Libraries & Code

Shot (

Gradle plugin developed to facilitate screenshot testing for Android

EmoticonGIFKeyboard (

An advance Emoticons & GIF keyboard.

K4Kotlin (

A sweet, small set of Kotlin functions to reduce your android boilerplate code



link image   ARCore: Augmented reality at Android scale (

Google introduces a preview of a new SDK called ARCore. It brings augmented reality capabilities to existing and future Android phones.



Android Apk Size Watcher Plugin for Jenkins (

Watch over the changing size of your .apk file and fail your build once the change exceeds your specified threshold.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   What’s New in Support Library v26 (

Support Library v26 comes with a lot of new features. Florina Muntenescu presents an overview of the biggest changes.

EmojiCompat (

With the EmojiCompat library, part of the Support Library 26, your app can get backwards-compatible emoji support on devices with API level 19 and higher



Google Agencies Day Europe (

There will be a Google Agencies Day Europe on 3rd October, 2017 at our offices in Kings Cross / London. So if you're running a mobile development agency - it's a free event, there will be great talks and great exchange between experts.