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September 17th, 2017

Articles & Tutorials

link image   MapMe — the Android maps adapter (

Josh Burton introduces MapMe, an Android library written in Kotlin, bringing the adapter pattern to maps.

link image   CloudRail - Connect to APIs 10x Faster (

Why worry about coding every different API for Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box when we connect to them all with a single interface? Unified APIs for Cloud Storage, Social Log-Ins, Payment, SMS, Email, Video, PoI and more. 100% free with the community edition. Get started now!

Kotlin Testability – Part 1 (

In this short series, Mark Allison takes a look into some techniques which will enormously assist in making our Kotlin classes testable.

ViewModels and LiveData: Patterns + AntiPatterns (

Here Jose Alcérreca examines some patterns and anti-patterns for ViewModel and LiveData usage.

Taming state and side effects on Android (

Ivan Kupalov proposes a Redux-like approach to managing state in your Android apps.

Reactive Apps With MVI - PART 7 (

In this blog post, Hannes Dorfmann discusses how the problem SingleLiveEvent claims to solve can be solved with Model-View-Intent and proper state management.

Make your Android Project pop with Remixer (

Remixer is a framework by Google to iterate quickly on UI changes by allowing you to adjust UI variables without needing to rebuild (or even restart) your app. You can adjust Numbers, Colors, Booleans, and Strings. Let’s see how

Creating a Reactive Data Layer with Realm and RxJava2 (

To understand how to use Realm effectively with RxJava2, Gábor Váradi delves into why Realm is suitable to be exposed as a reactive event source, and how to use its reactivity to the fullest.

How to use AsyncListUtil (

Jason Feinstein shares a tutorial for the Support Library’s AsyncListUtil, and how to correctly back your RecyclerView with data from a SQLite database.

Android Development Syllabus (

In this course, you are going to learn the basics of developing apps for android. It will help you through each step, right from setting up to publishing your app to the play store.

Large Database Queries on Android (

In this blog post, Chris Craik goes over SQLiteCursor paging problems, and why that motivated him to use small queries with the Room Persistence and Paging libraries in the Android Architecture Components.

Building a Guitar Chord Tutor for Actions on Google: Part One (

This article is meant to be a higher level intro to building for the platform to demonstrate the tools and approaches used for creating a Google Action.



link image   On the Bottom Navigation Bar (

Juhani Lehtimäki dives into how bottom navigations can help consolidate cross-platform designs while keeping to Android navigation guidelines.



Head of Android / Android Developer (Vienna,Austria)

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Libraries & Code

material-remixer-android (

Remixer is a framework to iterate quickly on UI changes by allowing you to adjust UI variables without needing to rebuild (or even restart) your app. You can adjust Numbers, Colors, Booleans, and Strings.

AdaptiveIconPlayground (

An Android app for experimenting with Adaptive Icons.

MapMe (

MapMe is an Android library for working with Maps. MapMe brings the adapter pattern to Maps, simplifying the management of markers and annotations.

Paging Library (

The paging library makes it easier for your app to gradually load information as needed from a data source, without overloading the device or waiting too long for a big database query



JUnit 5 User Guide (

JUnit 5.0 has been released and is available for use for writing Android tests.

link image   Android Studio 3.0 Beta 6 is now Available (

Android Studio 3.0 Beta 6 is now available in the Canary, Dev and Beta channels


Videos & Podcasts

link image   TextView: Now with Auto-Sizing (

With Android O and Support Lib 26, TextView gains a new property: autoSizeTextType, which allows the text to scale uniformly when working with dynamic content.

Google Developer Days Europe 2017 (

Google Developer Days Europe 2017 took place in Krakow, Poland. In this playlist, you can find all the recorded sessions from the event, across all tracks (Develop on Mobile, Mobile Web, Beyond Mobile, and Android).

Android Internals with Effie Barak (

In ADB episode 77, Chet and Tor talk with Effie Barak from Pinterest about Android internals and about measuring and improving app performance.

Romain Guy on Displays, CPU’s, GPU’s and Color (

In this episode, Romain Guy from Google gives us the lowdown on everything that's important for displaying graphics on mobile devices: refresh rates, vsync, double-buffering, color spaces, and more.