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October 1st, 2017

Articles & Tutorials

link image   default methods + lambdas = less code (

In this post Bartek Lipinski explains how to use two Java 8 features to clean some of your Android code.

Nine things about Droidcon NYC 2017 (

Here are nine things about #DCNYC17 from Daniel Heron's out-of-state and first timer’s perspective.

Beautiful, Performant Android UI (

The Instagram team optimized the user interface to make videos easier to watch, and it serves as a great example of how we approach building user interfaces on Android.

Concurrency in RxJava 2 (

In this tutorial, Chike Mgbemena demonstrates handling concurrency using RxJava 2: what it is, the different Schedulers available, and how to use the subscribeOn() and observeOn() concurrency operators.

link image   Buddybuild - a mobile-focused CI & CD that "just works" (

Buddybuild is a CI, CD and user feedback platform built specifically for iOS and Android developers. Thousands of companies, like Slack, Meetup and Mozilla trust buddybuild with their mobile development because it allows them to focus on what's important - building apps users love. Sign up today

Inlining Kotlin Properties (

Did you know that you can inline properties in Kotlin? Egor Andreevici demonstrates how this works.

Troubleshooting ProGuard issues on Android (

Learn about things that can break in your app, sometimes in very subtle ways, when you enable ProGuard.

Getting Started with Daydream development (

Giovanni Laquidara demonstrates building a Daydream VR app using Unity and the Google VR SDK.

link image   Toolbar Delight (

In this article Juhani Lehtimäki explains how the custom look and animations were implemented for the Social Steps app.

Using buildSrc for custom logic in Gradle builds (

If somebody asked about the Gradle feature that everybody should know about, Madis Pink would probably point them towards buildSrc. It is a magic Gradle Java/Groovy project inside your repository, available as a library to all of your build.gradle files.

Introducing assertk, a dedicated open source assertion library for Kotlin (

Evan Tatarka announces the release of assertk, an assertion library built specifically for Kotlin, modeled after AssertJ. assertk gives you fluent assertions with an extensible api.

Kotlin tips: Singleton, Utility Functions, group Object Initialization (

Mostafa Gazar shares some tips on writing good Kotlin code and using what the language has to offer

MidiPad – Introduction (

In Marshmallow (V6.0 – API 23) Android actually got some good MIDI support, and in this series of articles Mark Allison takes a look at how we can create a MIDI controller app.

Android Architecture Components: Testing your ViewModel LiveData (

In this post Joe Birch explains how to test your ViewModel LiveData.

12 Practices every Android Development Beginner should know  - Part 1 (

Great list by Nilesh Singh about best practices for beginners.

Lifecycle & Fragments backstack (

In this post by Peter Törnhult explains how LiveData and ViewModel can be used right with the FragmentManager backstack. Peter actually discovered something that might be a bug - but fortunately he was able to work around.

From Fragments to Activity: the Lambda Way (

In this article Stephane Nicolas demonstrates how to pass data between Fragments and Activities in clean and sane manner.



Android developers at all levels at Oetker Digital (Berlin)

Come and be part of a brand new mobile team, building products to support the companies of the Oetker Group as they move into their digital future!


Libraries & Code

SimpleApiClient (

A Retrofit extension written in Kotlin.

Shadow (

Android custom shadow view which is more flexible than the CardView.



link image   Chances of making a successful app are almost nil (

Search results are gradually slipping into the realm of sponsorship and paid rankings, thus slowly strangling the last sustainable route to exposure for non-financed, low-budget developers. This is the reality of the mobile app economy.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Android Dialogs: Instant Apps (

We chat with Zarah Dominguez before Google I/O to get some insights on instant apps.

Video Processing on Android (

Namrata Bandekar goes through her experience experimenting with built-in as well as third-party libraries for video manipulation on Android.

Improving Android Studio Performance on Memory-Constrained Machines (

If you’re writing Android apps on a memory-constrained machine, this video will show you tips and tradeoffs in running Android Studio more smoothly.

ADB 78: Notification Explication (

In this episode, Chet and Dan Sandler talk with Julia Reynolds from the Android System UI team about Notifications: channels, Do-Not-Disturb, Dots, ... it's all here.