Issue #28

May 30th, 2012

Articles & Tutorials

Link Bild Event Dispatching: Sending Messages (

In his article Josh walks implements his own architecture for event dispatching.


The making of Prixing #1: Fly-in app menu (
In this article the creators of the Prixing explain how they created a custom component.

31 Days of Android: Day 6 (
31 Days of Android: Day 6–Options Menus and Base Activities.

Libraries & Code

Pull To Refresh (
A very good implementation of the pull to refresh paradigma for lists.

Android Pinch (
Do you need a pinch zoom component and you don't want to use a WebView, then you have to try Android Pinch.


Link Bild How To Deal With Second Screen Apps (

Second screen applications involve interactivity between smart phones, tablets, or other devices and TV. The official docs now poped up on how to deal with second screen apps.


Android's Overblown Fragmentation Problem (
Nick Bradbury has written a blog post where he discusses that the fragmentation problem on Android is not that difficult to deal with. In my opinion times has been tough when dealing with 1.5 - 2.1. But since 2.2 everything has become a lot better.

Intel releases x86 system image for Android emulator (
Finally Intel releases x86 system image for Android emulator (ICS). A faster emulator is a relief ;-)


Link Bild How Android Developers Can Thrive With Google Play (

App store marketing is a tough job. In this article you'll learn how to thrive with google play.


App of the Week

Device Profiler (
Do you need the specs of your Android device? Device Profiler does exactly that!