Issue #29

June 14th, 2012

Articles & Tutorials

Link Bild HowTo: ActionBarSherlock + MapFragment + ListFragment (

If you want to use fragments with a MapView there is no easy way to that. Xavi Rigau explains a cool workaround and shows how to combine ActionBarSherlock, a MapFragment and a ListFragment.


Modifying the Android logcat stream for full-color debugging (
Ever tried to find the needle in you logcat debug output? Jeff Sharkey has put up a very nice solution to colorize and structure the output. I could not imagine to develop without.

Emerging UI Pattern - Side Navigation (
A sliding navigation is an emerging design pattern in recent Android apps. In a blog post Juhani Lehtimaeki is explaining the conceptual design decision that has to be made to use that kind of navigation. In the end of the article he points also to some implementations.

Libraries & Code

31 Days of Android: Day 7 (
31 Days of Android: Sharing data between Activities.

Segmented Radiobutton (
This weeks code snippets will deal with how to implement an iOS like segmented control. We've selected 3 open source components, so that you can choose for yourself.

Segcontrol (

Segmented Button Control in Android (

AndTweet (
AndTweet is an open source Android client for twitter.

App of the Week

Instapaper (
The legendary InstaPaper finally arrived on our Android Phones. It's not a free app but the 2,41 € are totally worth it.