Issue #293

January 21st, 2018

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Authenticating users with Actions on Google (

In this article, Joe Birch dives into Account Linking that allows us to allows us to create a more personalized experience.

Tool Time – Part 1 (

There are some neat helpers built into the tools: namespace which can help us designing layouts that are bound to data. In this short series, Mark Allison takes a look at these tools and see how they can speed up our layout development.

Android Continuous Delivery (

Ciro Rizzo shares an example of setting up Continuous Integration & Delivery via CircleCI.

Simple asynchronous loading with Kotlin Coroutines (

Asynchronous programming is hard, and Kotlin coroutines implementation tries to make it a little easier. Here, Erik Hellman shows a simple example how to use it in Android development.

link image   Android Essentials: Bootcamp by Big Nerd Ranch - Feb 26 (

Learn from the authors of Big Nerd Ranch Guides. Connect with other developers. Get help with specific projects. Immerse yourself in this 5-day training at our Cali location. Registration closes Jan 25.

Think Hard About @hide (

There's a possible upcoming change to Android, whereby attempts to use hidden APIs may be blocked. This article explains a bit more about @hide and what you should be doing given this potential Android change.

Modern Android development with Kotlin Part 3 - RxJava (

Mladen Rakonjac's in-depth explanation of RxJava for Android development in a Kotlin context.

Building an AutoCompleting EditText using RxJava (

RxJava can simplify the fairly complex interactions needed to build an autocompleting EditText view in Android. Craig Russell walks you through the implementation step by step.

Get Your Android App Ready for Chromebooks (

With the Google Play Store out of beta on Chrome OS, and the overall usage of Chromebooks on the rise, it’s time to start thinking about how your Android application will perform on Chrome OS.

ΛRROW: Functional companion to Kotlin's Standard Library (

For the past 9 months a growing group of contributors have been working on bringing a complete Typed Functional Programming experience to Kotlin by creating a new modular library that will complement the standard library with functional extensions, datatypes and abstractions.

Become an Android Painter (

In this article, T.Surkis introduces you to the world of custom views and hopefully shed some of the ambiguity that makes it seem so daunting.

Exploring Kotlin using Android Architecture Components (and vice versa) (

Here's a quick overview of using Android Architecture Components in Kotlin.

Kotlin Data Class Tutorial (

An introductory look at data classes in Kotlin.

Kotlin and Linear Programming Part II - Linear Optimization (

Covering binary programming in Part I, Thomas Nield now covers linear programming and optimization in Kotlin.

Reading ProGuard’s Outputs (

Jeb explains how ProGuard generates a few output files to show what happened in each step when it processes an Android app.



Android Developer (London)

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Android Developer (London, UK)

We’re looking for Android Developers to work within our highly experienced team, delivering key product features on our global product with over 370 million registered users!

Android Developer (Atlanta, GA)

Big Nerd Ranch specializes in developing business-building mobile apps for our clients, teaching fellow developers, and writing our best selling Big Nerd Ranch Guides. We are looking for Mid-Senior level Android Engineers to join our team in Atlanta.


Libraries & Code

link image   AndroidGodEye (

A performance monitor tool for Android (not limited to performance data) to easily monitor the performance of your app in real time in pc browser

SdkSearch (

A Jake Wharton™ open-source Android app for searching the Android SDK documentation.

Arrow (

Functional companion to Kotlin's Standard Library

Kamera (

Sample Android app for showcasing custom implementation of OpenGL camera preview display, written in Kotlin.



link image   Faster Renewals for Test Subscriptions (

In order to make testing easier and faster, starting on Feb 20th, Google is introducing shorter renewal intervals for test purchases made with license-test accounts.

Kotlin 1.2.20 is out (

Now available with support for Gradle build cache, improved incremental compilation for Android and Kotlin/Java projects, IDE support for the new Kotlin style guide and inlay hints in the editor for receivers and values returned from lambdas.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   DevFest Baltics 2017 Talks (

All presentations from DevFest Baltics 2017.

Sequences the new Iterables (

The Fragmented team looks at Kotlin's Iterable-like data structure called “Sequences”. What is a sequence? How is it different from Iterable? When should I use it?