Issue #296

February 11th, 2018

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Using Gradle build cache with Kotlin (

Kotlin 1.2.21 allows Kotlin projects to make use of build caching. Roman Belov introduces how to make use of this new feature.

Why starting a new Android project with Java is a bad idea (

Kotlin on Android is the future while Java is the past. Juhani Lehtimäki explains why.

Automated Mobile Localization Process (

Localization boosts registrations, app usage, and revenue. Dmytro Khmelenko explains how he keeps his development speed and manage to ship fully localized new features often.

RecyclerView Animations – Moving Items (

In this short series, Mark Allison takes a look at the right way to modify the contents of a RecyclerView.Adapter in order to get add/remove animations for free.

link image   Ooga-chaka: Git hooks to enforce code quality (

Sebastiano Poggi shows how to make sure you never, ever commit code that has not been properly formatted, using an extremely powerful feature of Git, some Gradle hacks, and a simple script.

Android Architecture components walkthrough (

Mohamed Ibrahim shares this quick walkthrough of the Android Architecture components and how you can benefit from them.

Exploring KTX for Android (

Joe Birch looked through the documentation for KTX and thought he’d write some notes on it as an overview.

It’s time to ditch Loaders in Android (

Daniel Novak thinks it's time to ditch Loaders and switch to ViewModel, LiveData & Room from the Architecture components. What do you think?

Most elegant way of using Gson + Kotlin (

Max Wiechmann shares an example of an elegant way to instantiate Kotlin data classes from JSON with default values and null safety.

Understanding Cloud Firestore Security Rules (

Eric Decanini shows how Cloud Firestore’s security rules are more flexible and easier to write than those of the Realtime Database.

Testing common Kotlin modules (

In Kotlin multiplatform project you probably have business logic in a common module. which needs to be unit tested. Marcin Moskala shows that this is really convenient in Kotlin.



Android Developer @ Picnic (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

We’re looking for experienced Android developers to help us build the world’s fastest growing online supermarket. Our app boasts a 4.4 star review in Google Play. Join us and help us make it even better!

Android Engineer @ Scoop (San Francisco)

Scoop brings co-workers and neighbors together into a smooth carpooling experience. Built around solid engineering principles and standard tools like RxJava and Retrofit, our app needs talented Android engineers to tackle exciting features while we power through rapid growth.

Android Engineer (San Francisco, CA)

Yelp connects consumers with great local businesses. We’re looking for senior Android engineers to support our Android developer community and drive long-term technical initiatives.

Android Developer (London, UK)

We’re looking for Android Developers to work within our highly experienced team, delivering key product features on our global product with over 370 million registered users!

Android Developer (Atlanta, GA)

Big Nerd Ranch specializes in developing business-building mobile apps for our clients, teaching fellow developers, and writing our best selling Big Nerd Ranch Guides. We are looking for Mid-Senior level Android Engineers to join our team in Atlanta.


Libraries & Code

link image   black-mirror (

A voice controlled smart mirror powered by Raspberry Pi3B+ and AndroidThings. Mirror is capable to display or hide widgets such as weather, news, time, calendar when the correct voice command is given.

Shot (

Shot is a Gradle plugin that simplifies the execution of screenshot tests using Screenshot Tests For Android by Facebook.

android-ktx (

A set of Kotlin extensions for Android app development.



link image   Tweaks available in latest Android Emulator (

The latest Android emulator has been updated to include a frameless emulator window, Quick Boot improvements to make working with AVD snapshots more efficient, and the latest QEMU.

Android KTX: Even Sweeter Kotlin Development for Android (

Google announced the preview of Android KTX - a set of extensions designed to make writing Kotlin code for Android more concise, idiomatic, and pleasant.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Pierre-Yves Ricau: Dagger Static Provider (4 of 5) (

In part 4 of this 5 part series, we learn how to do double null check for lazy initiation, and why static module method in Dagger is exciting.

Prefer try with resources to try finally (

In this mini-fragment episode, Donn talks about Item #9 of the Effective Java (Third Edition) book – Prefer try with resources to try finally.