Issue #3

November 11th, 2011

Articles and Tutorials
In this tutorial you will learn how to run a heavy task in a background process without blocking the UI.
Second installment of the Drag and Drop article we mentioned in last week's newsletter. In the Android component library there is no native support for Drag and Drop. But it's not that difficult to implement it by yourself.
KreCi put up some nice Developer Income Reports which reflect his journey with Android development and how to make money with it.
A brief overview of Android App landingpages.

A good article about the distributen of mobile games on iOS, Android, Sony and Nintendo.
Adobe ceases development on mobile browser Flash

Libraries and Code
RealViewSwitcher allows to your user to horizontally navigate through the views like in the Launcher App.
Is your app aware if your device is connected to the internet? This snippet will help you to determine if you are online.

An easy to understand Android development video for beginners. You will lean how to create the good old "hello world".

App of the week
A very clean and simple app to create mockups.