Issue #32

July 20th, 2012

Articles & Tutorials

Link Bild Maven and Android - Part 1 (

Maven is a dependecy management and build tool for Java. It's very powerful but for a beginner sometimes a little bit too complex. If you want to use it for Android development it does not work right out of the box - that's why Mark Allison explaines everything in his five part series "Maven and Android".


Maven and Android - Part 2 (

Maven and Android - Part 3 (

Maven and Android - Part 4 (

Maven and Android - Part 5 (

Don't Advertise Intent Filters That Are Not Yours (
Mark Murphy explaines in his blog post why it's bad to copy paste cargo cult style and why you should not advertise intent filters that are not yours.

31 Days of Android: The Android project structure (

Libraries & Code

gles2 sample android (
Lawrence D'Oliveiro released a little sample app where he demonstrates custom Open GLES shader programming.

LoadingImageView (
Our fellow developer John Hostile released LoadingImageView on Github. It's a view that displays a holo-themed progress/loading animation. Very cool that he released his first open source work - more developers should do that.

HanselAndGretel (
Hansel und Gretel is an Android library providing bread crumbs to the support library fragments.


Link Bild Getting Your App Ready for Jelly Bean and Nexus 7 (

The official SDK for Android 4.1 was released yesterday. You can download it through your download manager. "Get your app ready for Jelly Bean" gives you awesome developer tipps on that topic.


Android Action Bar Style Generator (
Jeff Gilfelt just pushed out an update to the Action Bar Style Generator: It now includes a live preview!


Android Documentation (
This little chrome extension enhances the official Android Documentation even a little more. It can provide documentation to a class, method or other.

App of the Week

Github Android App (
Maintain your repositories "on the go" with the official Github Android app.