Issue #320

July 29th, 2018

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Exploring Firebase MLKit: Landmark Detection (Part Four) (

In this post, Joe Birch dives into how we can implement landmark detection into our applications using Firebase MLKit.

Seven Principles of Great Android Unit Tests  (

When it comes to writing good unit tests, Cody Engel has found we tend to throw good engineering practices out the window. So with all of that out of the way, what are the seven principles of great unit tests? Read on!

Making Emojis with Code (

Danielle Emma Vass walks us through building an emoji through writing SVG code directly.

Execute Kotlin Scripts with Gradle (

In this article, you will learn how you can organize multiple Kotlin scripts as Gradle tasks and make them easily executable this way.

link image   Find Your Next Android Job With Hired (

Hired is a career marketplace that intelligently matches tech talent with the world’s most innovative companies. We combine cutting-edge technology with unbiased career coaching so both talent and employers can find the right fit, faster. We are on a mission to find everyone a job they love.

Simple network calls using Retrofit, LiveData, Kotlin Coroutines and DSL (

When you build an app that has to deal with network calls, you almost end up writing the same boilerplate code. Rygel Louv shows how in a Kotlin world this can be done in a clean and elegant way.

No Version? No Problem! .. Jitpack comes to the rescue (

Have you ever been in a scenario where a library has a critical bug, already resolved but a version release for that particular library hasn’t been scheduled in the near future? Garima Jain shows how useful Jitpack can be in this situation (and others).

Conference for Kotliners 2018 recap (

After years of running the Kotlin Budapest user group, lots of meetups, and a blog, the team at Makery decided to dream bigger, and go the extra mile: they set out to organize an all-day Kotlin conference. Here's the recap for this excellent event.

There’s never been a better time to learn Android development (

If you have been thinking about learning Android development but just haven’t got around to start the process yet, now is the time. Perfect time. Let Juhani Lehtimäki explain why.

Splitting SSH and git configs (

Jonathon Fry shares a simple way to separate work and personal projects, with different SSH keys and git configs.

Listeners with Observable, from Kotlin's Delegated Properties (

Listening to the event of a property being changed is a highly common task. Kotlin comes to the rescue with a built-in language feature - enter the observable property. András Kindler shares a couple examples.

Thoughts on Remote Communication (

Dan Lew is often asked the same question: how do Trello employees manage to work together remotely? Part of it is their emphasis on effective communication. He shares some tips on that here.



Place a sponsored post & reach over 65k Android devs (



Android developer (Copenhagen or London)

Nodes Agency is a young, ambitious mobile agency expanding across Europe. We are looking for an Android developer to join our team in Copenhagen or London.

Software Engineer, Android (San Francisco)

Asana builds collaboration software to help all teams work together effortlessly. We are looking for an experienced Android engineer to help us define and build the future of work tracking on mobile devices, specifically on the Android platform.


Libraries & Code

Kin Ecosystem Android SDK (

Add Kin ecosystem sdk to enable earn and spend opportunities in your app.

detox (

Gray Box End-to-End Testing and Automation Framework for Mobile Apps

Philology (

An easy way to dynamically replace Strings of your Android App or provide new languages Over-the-air without needed to publish a new release on Google Play.

Awesome Kotlin Resources (

The ultimate resource list for your most loved coding language



link image   Final preview update, official Android P coming soon! (

Android P is almost here! As Google puts the finishing touches on the new platform, they're bringing you Android P Beta 4.

AndroidX Development is Now Even Better (

The Android developer community has long expressed a desire to contribute more easily to AndroidX, thus AndroidX development has moved to public AOSP.

Designing for the Google Assistant on Smart Displays (

Google has announced consumer availability of rich responses optimized for Smart Displays. With rich responses, developers can use basic cards, lists, tables, carousels and suggestion chips, which give you an array of visual interactions for your Action

New Dialogflow features (

Dialogflow is introducing several new beta features to expand conversational capabilities for customer support and contact centers.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   ML Kit: Hype or Har Gow? (

Introduction to ML Kit For Firebase focusing on how to use custom machine learning models on Android with TensorFlow Lite. Eric Fung demonstrates how he retrained a MobileNet with his own images and modified a sample to be able to classify different kinds of dim sum.

Dependency Injection in a Kotlin world (

A hotly debated topic at the moment is the use of a library like Dagger for dependency injection in the world of Kotlin. Danny Preussler dives into how some of these use a Service Loader/Locator pattern and the subtle differences with dependency injection.

Conference for Kotliners 2018 (

Here's the playlist for all the excellent presentations from Conference for Kotliners 2018 in Budapest, Hungary.

I Wrote an App Without Layouts, Fragments, or Activities (

Adam Erb describes the unconventional way he built the Android app: zero XML, no high-level layouts (almost ViewGroups only), no Fragments, single Activity, and manual back-stack management.



link image   Use KIN to build a cryptocurrency consumer app (

KIN Foundation is looking for consumer apps that put Kin at the center of the user experience, and use it to solve real customer problems. Give your users ways to earn and spend Kin in your app, and help them build a whole new digital world.