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August 26th, 2018

Articles & Tutorials

link image   ARCore Sceneform SDK: Getting Started (

In this tutorial by Dario Coletto, you’ll learn how to make augmented reality Android apps with ARCore using Sceneform.

Reflections From an Android Dev Newbie (

Barbara Arango has come to the end of her internship at Udacity, and it sure has been great! …Here she describes a little more about what she worked on while there.

link image   Take Payments in Your App with Square Hardware (

Square Reader SDK: Your app, powered by Square hardware. Quickly create in-person payment solutions with built-in EMV and PCI compliance.

Exploring the Android App Bundle (

Joe Birch dives into the Android App Bundle so that we can get a thorough understanding of what it is, the way it works and how we can add support for it in our own applications.

link image   Make better data driven decisions for your app (

Good business decisions are founded on good insights and data. Learn how the latest features in the Google Play Console and Firebase can help you better understand your app's audience at every stage.

Different google-services.json file with multiple flavors (

In this article, Danish Amjad shows how to use a google-services.json file with multiple product flavors.

link image   Can’t fix your app’s bugs and crashes fast enough? (

HeadSpin gives you visibility behind app crashes and UI bugs. See your app’s client-side, client-server, network, and UI metrics behind the issues. Track user flows that lead to crashes and easily reproduce bugs so you can fix underlying issues faster. Find out more here.

Exploring Firebase In-App Messaging (

This week, Firebase added a new product to their ecosystem: In-App Messaging. Use cases for In-App Messaging include prompting users to share the app, purchase an in-app item, etc. Kaan Mamikoglu shows how to use it in your app.

Animating on a Schedule (

Google devs built a number of interesting animated features in the I/O app that greatly enhanced the experience. Nick Butcher wanted to highlight a few of these instances and some interesting implementation details.

Android Summit 2018 Recap (

Eric Fung describes his experience attending and speaking at Android Summit in Tysons Corner, VA, just outside of Washington, DC.

Android Summit 2018! — Recap (

Another eventful Android Summit transpired this year on Thursday, August 16th, 2018. Vineeth Chohan describes his experience at the event.

Google I/O 2018 app — Architecture and Testing (

This year Google devs had the opportunity to start from scratch with the I/O app. They could choose tools and think about the overall design of the app’s architecture. Jose Alcérreca describes these approaches.

Forget RxJava: Kotlin Coroutines are all you need. Part 1/2 (

Although RxJava is a powerful library, it is not meant to be used as a tool to manage async work. It is an event processing library. Vladimir Ivanov describes how Kotlin Coroutines can be used instead for async work.

What’s Next? Watching Netflix with Help from Accessibility Services (

Read how Ataul Munim wrote Skipper, an app that lets you sit back and relax as Netflix throws up the “Are you still watching?” prompt (using Android's Accessibility Services).

Why am I getting a different request code back? (

Victoria Gonda was requesting some camera permissions, then handling the result in onRequestPermissionsResult(). The struggle came in when the requestCode was different than the one she sent.

Adventures in Navigation Land – Part 1 (

In this article Mark Allison takes a look at some issues with Jetpack Navigation architecture component and how he overcame them.



Place a sponsored post & reach over 65k Android devs (



link image   Organising icons in design systems (

Design Systems work as a unique source of truth for every imaginable component of an app’s interface and are quickly becoming an essential part of UI design as they allow easy management and maintainability of design files that inherit from it. Chris Basha describes this process at Novoda.



Research Assistant in Mobile App Development (Winterthur, Switzerland)

The Zurich University of Applied Sciences has an open position for an Android developer in its Mobile Services and Usability Lab. You are going to work on apps for research and the industry featuring augmented reality, image processing, speech recognition and deep learning.

Software Engineer, Android (Los Angeles, CA - New York, NY - Mountain View, CA)

We’re looking for Android Engineers of various levels to join Snap Inc! As a member of the Engineering team, you’ll play a key role in building and shaping features that millions of Snapchatters use every day.


Libraries & Code

domic (

Domic is an abstraction for Android UI layer that mirrors real Android DOM, but reactively.

stylist (

Stylist is a Gradle plugin that codegens a base set of Android XML themes.

RxBiometric (

RxJava and RxKotlin bindings for Biometric Prompt (Fingerprint Scanner) on Android (added in Android 9 Pie, API Level 28+)



link image   Streamlining the developer experience for instant games (

Google Play Instant enables people to experience your game or app natively without having to go through a full installation process. Google has now made it easier to build instant games and apps by removing the URL requirement.

Android Studio Release Updates (

Android Studio 3.2 Release Candidate 2 (RC2) is now available in the Beta channel.

Customizing Sample Actions for the Google Assistant (

Leon Nicholls describes the recently launched new sample Actions which are the fastest and easiest way for you to create an Action for the Google Assistant, and to learn more about the powerful features of the Actions on Google platform.

Exclusive new organic acquisition insights on the Google Play Console (

Google updated the Play Console acquisition reports to give new insights into what users do on the Play Store to discover your app. It's a great way to super-charge your App Store Optimization (ASO) and onboarding experience.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Get Started With GitHub (

Nate Ebel walks through how to create an account, create your first repository, add some files directly from GitHub, then clone that repository to your local development machine and push changes back up to GitHub.

Android Dialogs: Britt Barak (

While in town for Chicago Roboto, Huyen sits down with Britt Barak about her organizing and co-founding of Women Techmakers Israel in Tel-Aviv, as well as building a good team, decide on topics, and stay motivated.



Android Dev Summit, November 7-8 (

Registration is open for the Android Dev Summit on November 7-8 for 2 days of exciting announcements and technical deep dives. To request an invite, go to this newly launched summit website.