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September 30th, 2018

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Exploring Paging Library from Jetpack (

In his quest to explore all that Android Jetpack has to offer, James Shvarts took some time to understand capabilities of the new Paging library introduced at Google I/O.

What is Public Key Cryptography? (

Security should be part of every developer's toolkit and cryptography a fundamental building block we use to protect our data and applications. Even though not directly Android related, this post dives into modern cryptography, an overview of how it works, and its everyday use cases

Writing your own Annotation Processors in Android (

In this post Hitanshu Dhawan will teach you how to write your own annotation processor. Annotations are often used to do some metaprogramming during compile or runtime.

Dude, where’s my Button? (

Mark Allison recently encountered a rather strange problem when tidying up an existing layout whereby a button started behaving oddly once I had cleaned up the layout. Here he describes both the problem and his solution.

link image   Find An Android Job Through Vettery (

Vettery specializes in developer roles and is completely free for job seekers. Interested? Submit your profile, and if accepted onto the platform, you can receive interview requests directly from top companies growing their mobile dev teams.

Demystifying CoroutineContext (

At the heart of Kotlin coroutines is the CoutineContext interface. Martin Devillers dives into the meaning and its use for multithreaded programming in Kotlin.

Paging Library for Android With Kotlin: Creating Infinite Lists (

In this tutorial, Alex Sullivan shows how to build up a simple Reddit Clone that loads pages of information gradually into an infinite list using the Paging library and Room.

Playing with Navigation Architecture Components (

Joao Alves plays around with the new Navigation Architecture Components with samples (and a full sample project).

Building a complex screen with FeatureAdapter (

Alex, Siqi, and Stéphane introduce FeatureAdapter, designed to render complex screens with optimal performance. It is built on top of RecyclerView for maximum performance, and it emphasizes scalability, maintainability, and business logic isolation.

Libraries for Kotlin Android development (

Belle has recently started exploring Android development in Kotlin, and she's been enjoying it a lot. Here she shares some of her favorite Kotlin libraries that she's been using recently.

5 Tips from Building an Action with a Conversation Designer (

Building for a voice user interface is a new space for many developers. Jessica Dene Earley-Cha shares some great tips for designing the best conversations for your voice actions.

The Key to Creating Great Actions on Google (

Cathy Pearl, Head of Conversation Design Outreach, is keen to introduce designers and developers to conversation design best practices so that Actions will provide the best possible user experience. Here she describes the fundamental first step when thinking about creating an Action: writing sample dialogs.

Android Studio Layout Editor for Beginners (

Android Studio's Layout Editor enables us to build layouts by dragging components onto the screen instead of writing the layout XML by hand. Miha Cirman describes the various parts of the editor to help you better understand.

Cloud Firestore, Android RecyclerView and empty state (

App without nice empty states can often look bad or at least empty. Juhani Lehtimäki's quick tip shows how FirestoreRecyclerAdapter can be quite useful for this case.



link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 65k Android devs (



Android Developer (Remote - US ONLY)

We're looking for someone with deep knowledge of the Android framework and an equally strong intuition for pairing beautiful app experiences with beautiful code. You'll be the architect of major features, making your code available to the world.

Senior Android Developer (m/f) (Mannheim)

Hi there, Stocard is looking for whole hearted Android developer. Join our team and help us build Europe's leading mobile wallet with over 25 million users! Stocard has been listed as one of the best apps of the year by Apple and is one of the few Android Excellence apps selected by the Google team.

Senior Android / FireTV Developer (Munich)

Bored of developing yet another REST app? Join our great team as an Android / FireTV developer on the Waipu project based on the latest tech stack and help us build the greatest next-generation-IPTV platform.

Senior Android Developer at Constant Contact (

We have an exciting opportunity for a Senior Android Developer to join our mobile team at Constant Contact, to help build cutting-edge phone, tablet and voice technologies using Java, Kotlin, and Reactive programming.


Libraries & Code

link image   dresscode (

Tiny lightweight Kotlin Android library to change theme at runtime

FeatureAdapter (

FeatureAdapter (FA) is an Android Library providing an optimized way to display complex screens on Android

kovenant (

The easy asynchronous library for Kotlin. With extensions for Android, RxJava, JavaFX and much more.

View Effects (

Apply custom effects (or simply blur) on view backgrounds.



link image   Android Studio 3.2 (

Android Studio 3.2 is available for download. Here Product Manager Jamal Eason describes all the new features that have shipped in 3.2.


Videos & Podcasts

Kotlin Extension Functions (

In this fragment episode, Donn talks about Kotlin extension functions.