Issue #33

July 27th, 2012

Articles & Tutorials

Link Bild Designing For Android (

"Designing For Android: Tips And Techniques" is an in depth blog post with many best practices when designing for Android. Especially when you have to design for multiple resolutions.


Must-have libraries (
In this blog post Jernej Virag explains all the must have libraries a Android developer should know. Very similiar to our toolbox, but great summaries and explanations of each library.

Maven and Android series (
Sixth part of Mark Allisons "Maven and Android" series.

Libraries & Code

Synchronized Scrolling Library (
Synchronized Scrolling by Xavi Rigua is a library project that allows you to have a Synchronized scrolling effect in a view, similar to the one in the GMail app (when you open a conversation with multiple messages, you can scroll down and the senders info stay on top of screen).

Android-Simple-Social-Sharing (
Sergey Tarasevich has a library on Github that helps you to share your content in Facebook or Twitter.

Android-Universal-Image-Loader (
Universal Image Loader (also by Sergey Terasevich) is a reusable and powerful component for asynchronous image loading, caching and displaying.


Link Bild Writing Style (

An official writing style guide has been released by Google. Most of it is common sense, but it is a good nudge to revisit your copy.



9Patch Resizer (
Let's face it: Juggling with densities for Android is a bit of a pain, especially when dealing with 9 patch png. And then comes this tool, that takes a xhdpi PNG file, or 9.png file, and generates ldpi, mdpi and hdpi png files automatically. Great work!


Three Upcoming Android Development Contests (
Android development contests are an excellent opportunity to showcase your design and development talents. In this blogpost Michelle Greenline lists three of them.