Issue #331

October 14th, 2018

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Converting your iOS App to Android Using Kotlin (

In this tutorial, Lisa Luo shows how similar Swift and Kotlin languages are and how simple it is to convert by porting an iOS app to Android.

How to Become a Better Software Developer (

There’s a big difference between writing code and being a great programmer. So, how exactly do developers go from capable to good? From good to great? This handbook is meant to be a guide to developer performance–how to understand it, measure it, and improve it.

Robolectric Testing with AndroidJunitRunner (

iñaki villar shows how to write a simple test with Robolectric 4 and AndroidJunitRunner/Espresso, introducing some of the new upcoming features of Project Nitrogen.

link image   Mobile testing: you’re probably doing it wrong if (

If you can’t test web, native & hybrid mobile apps in a common platform. If you can’t see test data for real devices (both on-premise & in the cloud), or if you can’t use automation frameworks/mobile tools you already have and love. It’s time to check out Kobiton.

TextClassification – Part 2 (

In API 26 (Oreo) a new TextClassification system was introduced. This has been further refined in API 28 (Pie). In this short series, Mark Allison takes a look at what this is, how to use it, and how we can add custom behaviors to it.

Exploring Actions on Google Responses: Simple Response (

When sending responses from our Actions on Google conversational tools, there are a number of different ways in which we can present content to our users. In this post, Joe Birch looks at adding responses to our conversations using the Simple Response.

Writing Kotlin DSLs with nested builder pattern (

It’s true that DSLs are a great way to add some readability to your code/configurations, but how do you write them to accept complex data structures in a clean, immutable way? Vince Delricco shows you how.

Android Studio Pro-Tips for working with Gradle (

Jean-Michel Fayard shares some tips for what he found useful when working with Gradle in Android Studio.

Explore How Kotlin Coroutine Works Under The Hood (

In the hype of async programming, everyone is talking about Kotlin Coroutines. Here Ahsen Saeed dives deep to see how coroutines work under the hood. 

MVVM architecture, ViewModel and LiveData — Part 3 (

In the previous two articles, Hazem Saleh discussed how can Architecture components serve an android app that follows MVVM architecture pattern. Since Android world updates are moving fast, this article focuses on updating our MVVM sample app to AndroidX.

Kotlin Coroutines Introduction and Guide (

In this article, Simon Wirtz teaches you about Kotlin Coroutines: What they are, what they look like, and how they work.

Automating code review tasks for multi-module Android projects (

Code reviews are a must, but can be quite a pain, right? Joe Birch shows how some of it can be automated by using Danger & ktlint so that you can focus on meaningful and constructive development only, not typos and such.



Reach over 65k Android devs with a Job or Sponsored post (



Senior Android / FireTV Developer (Munich)

Bored of developing yet another REST app? Join our great team as an Android / FireTV developer on the Waipu project based on the latest tech stack and help us build the greatest next-generation-IPTV platform.

Android Software Engineer (New York, NY / Remote)

SCRUFF, one of the largest gay social dating apps on Android with more than 14M members worldwide, is looking for experienced Android developers to work on the next generation of core UI/UX in our app.


Libraries & Code

link image   AppJoint (

Simple tool to make your multi-module Android development easier

Krate (

Krate is a SharedPreferences wrapper library that uses delegated properties for convenient access to SharedPreferences values.



link image   Introducing Oboe: A C++ library for low latency audio (

Google released the first production-ready version of Oboe - a C++ library for building real-time audio apps. Oboe provides the lowest possible audio latency across the widest range of Android devices, as well as several other benefits.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Espresso, beyond the basics (

In this talk by Inaki Villar, learn tips and tricks on how to deal with the Espresso framework and avoid problems like synchronization, permissions, environment test scenarios and much more.

droidcon NYC 2018 (

A playlist for the presentations from droidcon NYC 2018. Some videos have been uploaded, with many more coming soon in the upcoming weeks.

KotlinConf 2018 (

The playlist for presentations from KotlinConf 2018, the second conference entirely dedicated to Kotlin. The event took place in Amsterdam from October 3rd - 5th, 2018.