Issue #333

October 28th, 2018

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Academy for App Success: training for Android devs (

Free training for Android developers, bringing you new ways to learn Google Play Console features and new best practices. Take interactive courses and learn anywhere, anytime. Complete assessments and earn achievement badges. Improve your app quality and business performance.

link image   Android Jetpack Architecture Components: Getting Started (

In this tutorial, Zahidur Rahman Faisal teaches how to create a contacts app using Architecture Components from Android Jetpack like Room, LiveData and ViewModel

Part 2 — Coroutine Cancellation and Structured Concurrency (

In this follow up article, Mayowa Adegeye looks at how to cancel background jobs and structured concurrency in coroutines.

Reactive State Mutations via CQRS (

Artur Dryomov demonstrates how CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) are great for a service layer and can be implemented in a Reactive way.

Migrating from Groovy to Kotlin Gradle build scripts (

Gaurav Vashisth dives into using Kotlin based gradle build scripts in Android projects.

Composing a dynamic reusable ViewPager Indicator Animator (

Tj shows how to implement a fun, animated ViewPager indicator.

Enforce official Kotlin Style Guide with Ktlint (

Mario Sanoguera de Lorenzo shows how to enforce the Kotlin Style Guide with Ktlint, a Kotlin Code Style Static Analysis Tool.

Fail safe, not fast (

Mirek Stanek thinks your developer mantra should be: ship fast, iterate often and don’t crash. But how do you make this mantra a reality? There are four key elements: process, testing, engineering, and people.

Certificate Pinning – Part 1 (

In this short series, Mark Allison takes a look at what certificate pinning is, why it can be a good thing, some pitfalls and, of course, how to implement it on Android.

AndroidX, one month in (

AndroidX is the replacement for the support libraries which promises better-organized artifacts, more sensible package names, and semantic versioning of aforementioned artifacts after a reset to 1.0.0. Márton Braun shares his experience porting to these new libraries.

Keeping check on your Android Libraries with Danger & Bitrise (

Joe Birch shares a quick CI/CD implementation using Danger, which allowed him to add some automated checks to ensure that an app's library versions are always kept up-to-date



Place a sponsored post & reach over 65k Android devs (



Android Developer at Komoot (Remote within UTC -1 and +3)

We help people all over the world discover the best hiking and biking routes. To help us continue to build the future of outdoor exploration, we’re looking for a passionate Android developer to join our team.

Android Developer at Fabulous (Paris or Remote)

Fabulous won a material design award, was nominated as Best App in the Google Play Award and was featured in Google IO Keynote and sessions. We work closely with Dan Ariely, the author of "Predictably Irrational", to help people build healthier habits. We're also a remote friendly team. Join us!

Android Software Engineer (New York, NY / Remote)

SCRUFF, one of the largest gay social dating apps on Android with more than 14M members worldwide, is looking for experienced Android developers to work on the next generation of core UI/UX in our app.


Libraries & Code

link image   state-delegator (

Collection of classes that helps you to manage a screen state

mrbutler (

Reactive Android App Permissions API with delegates and logging

android-gpuimage (

Android image filters based on OpenGL, with the idea coming from GPUImage for iOS.

ok-gradle (

IntelliJ/Android Studio plugin for searching artifacts ids of popular Java libraries



link image   Discontinuing support for Android Nearby Notifications (

Google has decided to discontinue support for Nearby Notifications. They will stop serving Nearby Notifications on December 6th, 2018.

Robolectric 4.0 Released! (

With the release of Robolectric 4.0 and androidx.test 1.0.0, both testing environments are converging on a set of common test APIs.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Kotlin Coroutines in action (

In this talk, Marcin Moskala shows how to use Kotlin Coroutines and what makes them so special and so efficient.

Static code analysis with Manu Sridharan (

In this episode, Donn and Kaushik talk to Uber’s Manu Sridharan on static code analysis.

Commit Early & Often (

Nate Ebel explains why committing early and often can lead to more focused commits, a cleaner git history, and makes it easier to share or revert commits with others.

ADB: Android Rendering (

In this episode, Chet and Yigit Boyar talk with Chris Craik from the Android Toolkit team about graphics and the evolution of the UI renderer on Android. And congratulations to Chet & Tor for reaching episode 100!