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November 18th, 2018

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Rendering Tests Using Robolectric (

In this post Tomas Surin will explain how the PSPDFKit Team managed to rewrite their instrumentation PDF rendering tests as unit tests using the Robolectric framework.

How We Do Refreshing using Android’s New Work Manager (

Rahul Chowdhury details how to implement a refresh task in the background using the new WorkManager.

link image   Academy for App Success: training for Android devs (

Free training for Android developers, bringing you new ways to learn Google Play Console features and new best practices. Take interactive courses and learn anywhere, anytime. Complete assessments and earn achievement badges. Improve your app quality and business performance.

The Reality of Migrating to AndroidX (

Dan Lew writes about the trials and tribulations of updating a project to the rebranded support libraries aka Android Jetpack aka AndroidX.

link image   Find An Android Job Through Vettery (

Vettery specializes in developer roles and is completely free for job seekers. Interested? Submit your profile, and if accepted onto the platform, you can receive interview requests directly from top companies growing their mobile dev teams.

Introducing Hijckr: Android XML Tags router (

Justin Angel introduces Hijckr, a new Android library that allows developers to intercept XML layout file inflation and reroute XML elements, allowing developers to use their existing layout files while modifying widget behavior and display.

Kotlin fun and education on Twitter (

Marcin Moskala's collection of Kotlin language tips & tricks.

Do not always trust @JvmOverloads (

Mateusz Młodawski used @JvmOverloads to define the constructor overloads for a custom view but ran into a very specific problem.

Write an Android Studio Plugin Part 1: Creating a basic plugin (

Marcos Holgado starts a series of blogs to go into more detail on how to build a plugin for Android Studio to create your own workflows.

AnnotationSpans – Part 1 (

Mark Allison starts a new series to look at a mostly unknown feature of Spanned strings & string resources: AnnotationSpans.

Moving forward with Kotlin — Part 1: Properties (

Pablisco starts a series of articles detailing some of the unique features of Kotlin, especially for those coming from other programming languages.

Migrate your Android project to Kotlin 1.3 (

Ta Tonthongkam shows how there's slightly more work to move to Kotlin 1.3 if you're using the experimental coroutine library.



Place a sponsored post & reach over 65k Android devs (



link image   Free Icons by Tilda Publishing (

A set of beautifully designed icons to use in your app, or on your app's landing pages. Only attribution is required.



Android Developer at X-Team (Remote)

Join the most energizing community for remote developers. Work with the world's leading brands on incredible Android projects. Be a part of a community of digital nomads. Commit From Anywhere.

Senior Android app developer (Remote)

We're looking for Senior Android developers to help us redefine privacy and security in the digital age. We're working on a family of apps that make privacy and security easy for everyone. You have extensive experience working remote and want to work with our San Francisco team.

Android Developer - Kotlin (San Francisco)

We're looking for Android developers to help us redefine privacy and security in the digital age. We're working on a family of apps that make privacy and security easy for everyone. With over 70m users we're just getting started. Join a highly skilled native mobile team.

Software Engineer, Android (San Francisco)

We are looking for an experienced Android Engineer who will help us level up the Grammarly Keyboard and its companion app to a world-class user experience. You will partner closely with the design team from the ideation stage to ultimately bring your ideas to life.


Libraries & Code

link image   Hijckr (

Android Library Routing XML Tags from one tag to another when inflating Layout Files

AndroidTestXRunner (

This library allows you to run Android UI tests multiple times in a single instrumentation execution

simplegraph (

Simplegraph is Android library for simple sparkline graph view.

slidetoact (

A simple 'Slide to Unlock' Material widget for Android, written in Kotlin

ElasticViews (

A library that let you implement elastic touch animation.



link image   Cloud Functions to update Remote Config in near real-time (

Thanks to some new features Google added to Cloud Functions for Firebase, you can now ensure that your users always get fresh Remote Config values whenever they open your app



How to Make a Hotel Booking App That Stands Out (

A complete guide that walks through everything involved in taking an app from an idea to finally shipping to the app store.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Mobiconf 2018: Miroslaw Stanek (

In this presentation, Miroslaw Stanek talks about experiences with making great (and bad) ideas happen, including how to deliver fast, learn from mistakes and keep your users happy (and crash free!).

Using Conditional Breakpoints (

Nate Ebel is back with another #TwoMinuteToolsAndTipsTuesday video, introducing conditional breakpoints which give you greater control over when your breakpoints are hit.