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November 25th, 2018

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Exploring the Android Fragment Scenario component (

In this post Joe Birch takes a look at the new Fragment Scenario component and how it can be used it to test our fragments in an isolated environment. This new API addition will help to improve fragment tests and keep things simplified.

Netflix Shows The Future of Android Architecture (

Nice sum up of a talk by Juliano Moraes about the key ingredients of Netflix Android architecture. If you have time also check out the original talk on YouTube.

link image   Check out the 2019 Android Schedule! (

Ready to take an Android class taught by world-renowned instructors? Save your seat today!

The magic of Kotlin/Native: Part 1 (

In this post Vivek Singh explains why Kotlin is really write once run everywhere.

link image   Black Friday deals at (

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Letting Android Lint fix your code (

Niklas Baudy is giving you a sneak peak of Android Lint with some quick and good examples.

Transform API — a real world example (

In this post Björn Quentin gives you a good real world example how the transform API can be used to inject code in classes before they're converted to dex files.

Playing With Kotlin Coroutines For Best Practices (

In this article Ahsen Saeed gives some great examples how to leverage coroutines to improve your codebase.

Glide4 and Stetho to easily debug your image loading system (

In this post you'll learn how to connect Glide with Stetho (a useful debugging library).

AnnotationSpans – Part 2 (

Second part by Mark Allison on how to create custom annotations.

How did I automate the generation of release APK (

In this article you'll learn how to automate releasing APKs for different environments using gradle and the terminal.

Media Playback on Android with ExoPlayer: Getting Started (

Playing a video is pretty simple on Android, but playing a video with your custom video player is a job for ExoPlayer. In this tutorial you'll learn the basics and how to configure it properly.



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Engineering Manager - Memrise (London)

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Senior Android app developer (Remote)

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Android Developer - Kotlin (San Francisco)

We're looking for Android developers to help us redefine privacy and security in the digital age. We're working on a family of apps that make privacy and security easy for everyone. With over 70m users we're just getting started. Join a highly skilled native mobile team.

Software Engineer, Android (San Francisco)

We are looking for an experienced Android Engineer who will help us level up the Grammarly Keyboard and its companion app to a world-class user experience. You will partner closely with the design team from the ideation stage to ultimately bring your ideas to life.


Libraries & Code

link image   Stetho (

Stetho is a sophisticated debug bridge for Android applications. When enabled, developers have access to the Chrome Developer Tools feature natively part of the Chrome desktop browser. Developers can also choose to enable the optional dumpapp tool which offers a powerful command-line interface to application internals.

AndroidAutoSwitcher (

AutoSwitchView, a view animating between two items for Android, supports multiple switching animations or you can customize your own strategy of animations. And its child view can be reused.

Gander (

Gander is a simple in-app HTTP inspector for Android OkHttp clients. Gander intercepts and persists all HTTP requests and responses inside your application, and provides a UI for inspecting their content.



link image   Wear OS: final API 28 emulator with new redesigned UI (

The final Wear OS API 28 emulator image for developers has launched


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Kotlin, Beyond the Basics + Functional Programming (

Huyen speaks with speaker and GDE, Segun Famisa, about going beyond the basics with Kotlin with Functional Programming.

Analyze APK Size (

Analyze the size of your APKs within Android Studio to better understand their contents and how to make them smaller.

Netflix's componentization architecture with RxJava + Kotlin (

Netflix's componentization architecture with RxJava + Kotlin by Juliano Moraes.