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December 16th, 2018

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Geometric Android Animations using the Canvas (

Alexio Mota describes how he and his team achieved a very pleasing animation in the S23NYC SNKRS app.

Kotlin for Android Developers: Visibility Modifiers (

In thist post by Pablo Costa you'll learn about how visibility modifiers like public, private and friends work and what are the differences compared to Java.

Using Dagger in a multi-module project (

In this post Marcos Holgado explains how to use dagger in a multi-module project.

Notifications from the Twitter app are easier on your battery (

Push notifications are an important way to keep Twitter users informed about what's happening. Twitter developers explain how they made to transition to Firebase Cloud Messaging.

link image   Integrate Square payments into your Flutter apps (

Square has developed 2 plugins that let you quickly and easily integrate payments into a Flutter app. Whether you need to take payment directly from your mobile app, or use Square hardware to take in-person payment, we have you covered.

10 things every Android app developer should know about Architecture (

Architecture can be simply described as the placement of classes in a system and how they communicate. Ashesh Bharadwaj lists 10 important aspects.

A Confusing Dependency (

Márton Braun ran into a troubling issue with dependencies and open source; the risk is there to unexpectedly pull down a dependency with an extra payload!

How to integrate a Photo Editor into your Android app (

Need a top-notch photo editor for your Android app (also iOS & web)? Here's a demonstration of how easy it is to embed the PhotoEditor SDK into your own app.

New Keystore features keep your slice of Android Pie a little safer (

The Android Keystore provides application developers with a set of cryptographic tools that are designed to secure their users' data. Android Pie introduces new capabilities to Keystore.

Using vector assets in Android apps (

In this post, Nick Butcher demonstrates how to use VectorDrawables in your apps

First Aid Kit for Git (

Learn how to undo and recover from mistakes in Git with these super-fast, super-easy videos and a handy cheat sheet.

Night Mode ++ (

Wojciech Dziemianczyk introduces the first steps to take to make your app pleasing to the eyes even on in low light situations.

Detecting Blurriness with Renderscript (

Zac Sweers shares a neat technique for determining the blurriness of an image using RenderScript.

Draw a Path: Rendering Android VectorDrawables (

In this post, Nick Butcher does a deep dive on these techniques with VectorDrawables: using color resources, theme colors, color state lists and gradients.

OkHttp & OAuth: Token Refreshes (

Warren Smith describes how to refresh OAuth tokens when using OkHttp for API calls.

R8 Optimization: Staticization (

In this post (and a bunch of future posts) Jake Wharton explores some of the individual optimizations that R8 performs. He starts with an optimization called staticization which means the act of making something static.

Geometric Android Animations using the Canvas (

In this tutorial by Alexio Mota you'll learn how to create a smooth wave animation by directly drawing on the canvas.

Annotated text spans with Rialto (

In this post Mark Allisons explains how to create rich text spans using the Rialto library. Be also sure to check out the library in the section "Libraries & Code".



Place a sponsored post & reach over 65k Android devs (


Libraries & Code

link image   MaterialPopupMenu (

This library allows to create simple popup menus programmatically with a nice type-safe builder syntax in Kotlin. Menus can be divided into separate sections with optional headers and contain icons

Valigator (

Slick validation library for EditText fields written in Kotlin.

RxAnime (

An android app that visually helps to understand the effect of RxJava operators on a stream of data.

Rialto (

Rialto is an Android text styling library based upon Annotation Spans. Rialto enables you to provide consistent text formatting throughout your app by using annotations in your string resources.



link image   More visibility into the Android Open Source Project (

AOSP has been around for more than 10 years and visibility into the project has often been restricted to the Android Team and Partners. Google is now announcing more visibility into the process with a view of the AOSP CI builds.

Sync Google Drive files to apps using the Drive REST API (

Google is bidding farewell to the Drive Android API, replaced by the Drive REST API.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Recent Trends in Mobile Gaming (

Yuanzhe Cai presents a few data points on the state of mobile gaming.

Android Perf at Instagram with Mona (

In this episode, Mihaela and Pascal chat with Mona from Instagram New York. They talk about scroll performance at Instagram and how performance overall is approached from measuring, tackling regressions and establishing a company-wide performance culture.

Kotlin, Beyond the Basics + Functional Programming (

Huyen speaks with speaker and GDE, Segun Famisa, about going beyond the basics with Kotlin with Functional Programming.

View Function Call Hierarchy (

Nate Ebel demonstrates the call hierarchy tool window, which enables you to visualize traces of a function's call hierarchy and see how and where functions are called

PhotoEditor SDK Integration Tutorial for Android (

Today we're going to show you how to integrate the PhotoEditor SDK into your Android app.