Issue #342

December 30th, 2018

Articles & Tutorials

link image   What did I learn about Android Development in 2018 (

Danny Boyukliev shares a retrospective of his past 12 months, and he can’t help but be grateful about the things he learned in 2018.

Google Cloud Build for Android (

While Google Cloud Build is not very prevalent in the Android community, Ryan Harter sees it as quite promising for Android builds due to its Docker-based build configuration and availability of high memory build machines at great prices.

Lifecycle Observing LiveData (

Nick Rose's realized that his approach in a previous article gives too much responsibility to the ViewModel. In this article, he writes about a different way to achieve the same result but with class responsibilities better contained.

link image   Muselee 1: Library Versions (

Mark Allison starts to build Muselee, where he will be creating an app from scratch and explore how making sensible decisions early on can significantly simplify things as the project grows.

How we built one of the Google Play’s Best Apps of 2018 (

 Gábor Horváth describes how he and his team took the VIMAGE app from idea to being chosen as one of the Most Entertaining Apps of 2018 on Google Play.

Creating Kotlin DSLs (

Wolfram Rittmeyer loves to build Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) in Kotlin because it's so easy. Here he takes you step by step to building your own.

Coroutines and Idling Resources (

Michael Bukachi shows how to integrate coroutines with Espresso Idling Resources.

The Decalogue of a Pro Media App (

In this short article, Marcin Adamczewski reveals 10 tips that will help you create a pro media application.

Pitfalls of a foreground Service lifecycle (

As part of Google Play’s target API level requirement existing apps need to target at least Android 8.0. One of the migration steps is related to background services. Maciek Witowski describes some of the pitfalls.

Playing with Kotlin (

Philippe Boisney built a showcase Android app with a backend on Google App Engine and Firebase, all written in Kotlin.

All About Android Development In 2018 (

Here's an overview of most of the important Android developments in 2018.



link image   Adele: Design Systems and Pattern Libraries Repository (

The repository of publicly available design systems and pattern libraries



Place a job post & reach over 65k Android devs (


Libraries & Code

NoBullshit (

A sample project entirely written in Kotlin. Backend/Frontend with Ktor and Android app

Korlibs (

Korlibs is a set of Kotlin Common modern libraries to do full stack development aiming Kotlin 1.2.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Android 2018 Highlights (

Take a look back at some highlights from Android developer in 2018

Tracking Network Requests With x-Request-ID (

In this short fragment, Kaushik explains how you can trace network requests from your app by adding a special header. Easily trace an HTTP request all the way from a client to your backend web process



link image   Droidcon Boston, April 8th-9th, 2019 (

Droidcon Boston is back! Join the vibrant New England Android community for two days of technical deep dives on April 8th-9th, 2019 showcasing 30+ speakers from all around the world. Interested in speaking? Submit a proposal before the end of January 2019 Willing to attend? Get 10% off your ticket using the code ANDROID-WEEKLY-10-OFF