Issue #35

August 18th, 2012

Articles & Tutorials

Link Bild Formatting Text with Html.fromHtml() (

Ever wanted to format some text in your views? Wolfram Rittmeyer explaines briefly how to do that using Html.fromHtml().


Scrolltricks (
Roman Nurik completes the blog post with some nifty example code.

Synchronized scrolling (
In this blogpost Kirill Grouchnikov explains how to realize a synchronized scrolling mechanism.

Using Custom Fonts (
Ever wanted to use a custom font in your App? In this blog post you'll learn how to do it.

LinearLayout distribution explained (
In this beginner tutorial you'll learn everything about LinearLayout you ever wanted to know (but where afraid to ask).

Customization of Android Activity Animation (
ActivityOptions got introduced in Jelly Bean (4.1) and is the hot new shit if you want to customize your Activity transitions. In this blog post you'll learn how to create your own animation.

Libraries & Code

Robotium (
Robotium is a test framework created to make it easy to write powerful and robust automatic black-box test cases for Android applications.

Implement Flipboard Animation (
Do you want to give your app a Flipboard like effect? Here's some code, that exactly does that.

App of the Week

Mobile client for (
You've maybe heard the buzz about Here is a link to an alpha version to a mobile client for created by David Krauser.