Issue #353

March 17th, 2019

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Master-Detail views with Navigation Components (

In this article, Lara Martín shows you how you can have Master-Detail views with Navigation Components.

Dagger Component Dependencies for Library Development (

Mike Nakhimovich provides a detailed breakdown of how to integrate your library modules via Dependency Injection using Dagger.

Augmented Reality Board Game (

Paul Trebilcox-Ruiz's project shows how to create a simple game board, determining where a game piece is, and then using the game piece data to display interesting augmented reality information on an Android phone.

link image   Find Your Next Android Job With Hired (

Hired is the #1 job marketplace for Android Developers. We use cutting-edge technology to match you with the world’s most innovative companies. Simplify your job search - create 1 profile and unlock thousands of opportunities on Hired.

Random Musings on the Q Developer Preview 1 (

Each time Google releases a new developer preview, Mark Murphy rummages through the API differences report the high-level overviews, and even the release blog post, to see if there are things that warrant more attention from developers.

Advocating against (some) Kotlin expressions (

Bartek Lipinski analyses some best practices in using function expressions along with 'when'.

Hands-on with Material Components for Android: Bottom Navigation (

This post by Nick Rout covers the features and API of the Bottom Navigation component.

An Early Look at ViewModel SavedState (

Saving an application’s state properly so that it survives process death is often discussed in the Android community, and Márton Braun describes how we’re getting support for it in ViewModels.

Cross-Platform? We Don’t Say That Around Here Anymore (

At Touchlab, they don’t use the term cross-platform. They prefer “multiplatform” – for a couple of important reasons listed here.

Sharing Gradle Configuration in Multi-Module Android Projects (

Sam Edwards' post shows you a method of sharing common configuration between your Android Library modules in order to cut down on boilerplate Gradle configuration.

Exploring Android Q: Settings Panels (

In Android Q, one of the new features we are seeing introduced is what is known as Settings Panels. Joe Birch describes what these are and how to use them.

Stepping into Activity tests with ActivityScenarios (

The testing team at Google introduced the Android X Test libraries, amongst which we can find ActivityScenario, a new way to test Activities and code related to them. These APIs made it to a stable version, so Roberto Orgiu shows how to use them.

Managing states with Kaskade (

Miguel Panelo introduces a new State container (MVI) implementation named Kaskade.

Android WorkManager. Manage periodic tasks (

Robert Levonyan provides some details on how to use the new WorkManager to implement background tasks.



link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (



Senior Android Engineer (Remote with PST working hours or San Diego, CA)

Looking for a US Based experienced Android developer to join an existing agile/scrum team on an very popular entertainment and streaming app. Must have Kotlin experience, able to write thoughtful unit tests, and the ability to closely follow design guidelines.

Android Engineer (London, (UK) or distributed from similar timezone)

We’re searching for product-aware Android engineers to help us on our mission: to make money work for everyone. Within a small cross functional team, you'll work to shape how more than a million people interact with their finances. Our codebase is 98% Kotlin, modularised, and uses RxJava and Dagger.


Libraries & Code

Kaskade (

Unidirectional state container for Android and Kotlin

Navigation Codelab (

The Navigation Architecture Component simplifies implementing navigation, while also helping you visualize your app's navigation flow. This Codelab walks you through how to implement it.

mr-clean (

Let Mr. Clean keep your logs clean of sensitive data.



link image   Introducing Android Q Beta (

Google is releasing Beta 1 of Android Q for early adopters and a preview SDK for developers. This post lists all the new features available in the SDK.

Introducing a new Google Play app and game icon specification (

As part of Google's focus and dedication to improving the Play Store experience for users, they are introducing new design specifications for your app icons.

Android Jetpack Navigation Stable Release (

Google announces the stable release of the Android Jetpack Navigation component.

Supplement your earnings with rewarded products (

Google Play announces rewarded products, a new product type now available in open beta in the Play Console. Rewarded products make it easy for Google Play developers to increase their monetized user base.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Winning App Store Optimization Strategies (ASO Tips) (

ASO consultant Peter from Mobtimizers joins Ariel to discuss App Store Optimization strategies and shares his framework for success as well as tips and tricks.