Issue #359

April 28th, 2019

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Playing with Material Design Transitions (

In this article, Philippe Boisney shares his feelings about the implementation of the Material Design “Hierarchical transition” animation between two screens.

The Dog Riddle (in Kotlin) (

Márton Braun posed a small Kotlin challenge on Twitter last week, which he posted here along with various solutions.

link image   raywenderlich Advanced Spring Fling Sale! (

Advance your Android development skills with one of our biggest sales of the year! Savings on video subscriptions, books and book bundles featuring: Advanced Android App Architecture, RxAndroid and other favorites! Don’t delay, spring ahead in your career today!

Kotlin pearls: Multiple Inheritance (

This fifth article in a series by Uberto Barbini is about little known features of Kotlin: the 'by' keyword.

link image   Ready for your next Android challenge? 💪 (

Only want to work with Android, SQL, and XML? Only want to work at startups? Let Hired know what you love to do and we'll match you with your next dream job. Work in the industry you want. Build the products you love. Own your career. Join Hired.

Introducing Android Snapshot Plugin (

Matías Irland announces the release of Android Snapshot Publisher, their first open source Android Gradle Plugin, a plugin to create Android Snapshot versions in the simplest way!

Leveling Up Your UI Tests With MockWebServer (

Adam McNeilly found that if you want to write reliable Espresso UI tests you need to mock your networking layer. He shows how to use MockWebServer to do this.

Dealing with bugs (

Even if your app is crash-free, there are still user experiences that can cause frustration. Mirek Stanek shares some ideas about how to help make your app more user friendly when dealing with unexpected issues.

Modularization - How to approach (

Now that Jeroen Mols cleared up how a modularized app could look like, in part four he dives deeper into how existing apps can be sliced and how you can gradually migrate to a fully modularized architecture.

Detecting memory leaks in your instrumentation tests using LeakCanary (

Marcos Holgado demonstrates how to easily detect memory leaks during your instrumentation tests by using LeakCanary.

Bohemian Wrapsody (

Dmytro Danylyk was told that wrapping third-party libraries is a controversial topic, but here he tries to convince you that it’s actually something worthy of consideration.

Exploring Firebase ML Kit on Android: Smart Reply (

Last week Firebase announced a new feature within ML kit that was entering its beta stage, Smart Reply. Joe Birch examines how it works and shows the steps to integrate into your app.

A WorkManager Pitfall: Modifying a Scheduled Worker (

This post by Craig Russell describes a potential WorkManager pitfall when refactoring or deleting your Worker subclasses.

Kotlin: Function References (

In this article Mark Allison looks at Kotlin's function references and some of the really nice tricks that we can achieve with them.



link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (



Senior Android Engineer @ idagio (Berlin, Kreuzberg)

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Android Engineer @ Twitch (San Francisco, CA)

Twitch’s Mobile Engineering team is responsible for developing viewing applications for the Android and iOS platforms. As an Android Software Engineer, you will make major contributions to a rapidly-evolving, native app that is a portal to the Twitch community for millions of users.

Android Developer - Building a bank from scratch (London)

Starling Bank engineers love building things, creating new stuff, learning new technologies & working with others across all areas of the business to bring brilliant products & features to life. If you care enough to find elegant solutions to difficult technical problems, we’d love to hear from you.

Senior Android Engineer at BabylonHealth (London)

Looking for a few Android engineers to join our team of 17 to help provide affordable and accessible healthcare to everyone on earth! MVI setup with clean architecture, 50% Kotlin, and a big focus on doing things properly.


Libraries & Code

link image   android-snapshot-publisher (

Android Snapshot Publisher is a Gradle plugin to prepare and distribute Android Snapshot versions to multiple distribution sources in a simple and common way.

AsynKio (

Write your network requests, IO calls in android with Kotlin seamlessly

ModularizationExample (

Easy to understand real-life example of a modularized Android app



link image   Developing on iOS and Android (

Square and TouchLabs are announcing their collaboration on improving techniques and libraries to make using Kotlin Multiplatform more viable for both Android and iOS development.

Android Q Scoped Storage: Best Practices and Updates (

Google announces some changes to how soon developers are forced to start using Scoped Storage.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Droidcon Italy 2019 (

Playlist for all presentations from Droidcon Italy 2019

Delightful Delegate Design (

A look at the important design choices to be made when designing a Kotlin library based on delegates, and an introduction of the open source Krate library from AutSoft, which is an Android SharedPreferences wrapper.