Issue #360

May 5th, 2019

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Biometrics – BiometricPrompt (

In this series Mark Allison looks at the new APIs which were introduced in Pie to replace the FingerprintManager class.

Pick a card, any card (

Ataul Munim describes implementing the Monzo Plus card selection animation on Android.

link image   Do more with mobile! Save 40% with Manning (

Looking to spruce up your mobile skills? Manning are offering 40% off their entire catalog, including their selection of mobile and java books and video courses. Just use the code android40 at checkout!

link image   Ready for your next Android challenge? 💪 (

Only want to work with Android, SQL, and XML? Only want to work at startups? Let Hired know what you love to do and we'll match you with your next dream job. Work in the industry you want. Build the products you love. Own your career. Join Hired.

LiveDataReactiveStreams: Where RxJava meets LiveData (

In this post, Bryan Lindsey explores how LiveDataReactiveStreams works, as well why (or why not) you might want to use it to bring RxJava and LiveData together.

Superior Testing: Need for Speed (

Artur Dryomov shares a couple tips for speeding up your CI builds.

How to Service on Android — part 2 (

In this post Erik Hellman looks at the other way of interacting with a Service, namely starting and stopping.

How To Get The Most Out Of Attending A Tech Conference (

Nate Ebel shares a framework for how to approach a conference, a meetup, or any other gathering of peers where you plan to learn something.

Introducing Bento (

Tyler Argo introduces Bento, an open source framework for building modularized Android user interfaces.

Coroutines on Android (part II): Getting started (

This is part of a multi-part series about using Coroutines on Android. This post focuses on starting work and keeping track of work that has been started.

Coroutines on Android (part I): Getting the background (

This is part of a multi-part series by Sean McQuillan about using Coroutines on Android. This post focuses on how coroutines work and what problems they solve.

Measuring Kotlin Build Performance at Uber (

Uber Engineering launched an initiative, in collaboration with JetBrains, to measure Kotlin build performance at scale across different project structures, a process that informed our decisions for best practices for Android development.

Android Studio Project Marble: Layout Editor (

A deep dive by Paris Hsu on Layout Editor UX improvements for Android Studio 3.5

Don't Pass Around Your Room/Database Entity (

If you’re thinking of modularizing your Android App and you use Android Room, you should not pass around your Room Entity. Jacques Smuts shows you why this is the case.

Simple design of Kotlin Flow (

Roman Elizarov peeks under the hood of Kotlin Flows, examine their design, and see how a combination of language features and a library enables a powerful abstraction with simple design.

Exploring MotionLayout: Touch Regions (

MotionLayout Alpha 5 introduces touch regions for triggering transitions. This article by Jossi Wolf explores the how and why.



link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (



Senior Android Engineer @ idagio (Berlin, Kreuzberg)

We are looking for a passionate and product-driven Senior Android Engineer to join our marvelous Mobile team. Our Android team develops our native Android app, giving our listeners easy access to the most comprehensive catalogue of classical music in streaming.

Android Engineer @ Twitch (San Francisco, CA)

Twitch’s Mobile Engineering team is responsible for developing viewing applications for the Android and iOS platforms. As an Android Software Engineer, you will make major contributions to a rapidly-evolving, native app that is a portal to the Twitch community for millions of users.

Android Developer - Building a bank from scratch (London)

Starling Bank engineers love building things, creating new stuff, learning new technologies & working with others across all areas of the business to bring brilliant products & features to life. If you care enough to find elegant solutions to difficult technical problems, we’d love to hear from you.


Libraries & Code

link image   bento (

A delicious framework for building modularized Android user interfaces, by Yelp.

kyrie (

Kyrie is a superset of Android's VectorDrawable and AnimatedVectorDrawable classes: it can do everything they can do and more.



link image   Improving the update process with your feedback (

Google explains how and why they’re making changes to Play store processes, and how they are using your feedback to improve the way they roll out updates and communicate with the developer community.

Developing Apps for Android Automotive OS (

Google announces that media app developers will be able to start creating new entertainment experiences for Android Automotive OS and the Polestar 2, starting at Google I/O.

Developing Android Apps with Kotlin (

Learn repositories, offline caching, the design of beautiful apps, and more! Final lessons of the Android Kotlin course live!


Videos & Podcasts

link image   App Builders Switzerland 2019 (

All the presentations from App Builders Switzerland 2019

Kotlin at Uber (

Hadi talks to a few folks at Uber Engineering about their adoption of Kotlin in a non-conventional setting where they're using Buck.