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May 26th, 2019

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Exploring CameraX on Android: Use Cases (

In this article Joe Birch dives into the second part of the CameraX API – the core library to learn what it is and how we can make use of the functionality that it provides for our applications.

19 tips for Gradle in Android projects (

This article by iñaki villar is a summary of one example from a Google I/O presentation which contained 19 great Gradle optimization tips in the presentation.

Railway Oriented Programming in Kotlin (

Antony Harfield jumps straight into a Kotlin example and try to show how to implement the concepts behind Railway Oriented Programming, which is a way of chaining together Result types.

link image   Ready for your next Android challenge? 💪 (

Only want to work with Android, SQL, and XML? Only want to work at startups? Let Hired know what you love to do and we'll match you with your next dream job. Work in the industry you want. Build the products you love. Own your career. Join Hired.

Escaping Callback Hell with Generic Infix Extension Functions (

Callback hell happens all the time in Android. Luckily, with coroutines and this article by Jacques Smuts, there’s an easy way out.

Eliminating Coroutine leaks in tests (

Writing tests for coroutines can be difficult, not only because of concurrency concerns, but because it is very easy to create leaks which live on past the lifecycle of an individual test. Rick Busarow shares some ways to avoid this.

Coroutines On Android (part III): Real work (

In this post third post in a series, Sean McQuillan focuses on solving practical problems using coroutines by implementing one shot requests.

Compose From First Principles (

Google developer Leland Richardson writes this post to give people a solid mental model around what the upcoming Compose library does, and eliminate anything one might think of as “magic”.

Exploring Kotlin Coroutines and Lifecycle Components on Android (

Paolo Rotolo demonstrates the new Coroutine Scopes for every object that has a LifecycleOwner attached. You can use those to write UI related coroutines and eventually specify in which state of lifecycle run them.

Android Jetpack Compose Review (

Jetpack Compose aims to be a declarative framework to build Android user interfaces easily using Kotlin. Pedro Vicente Gómez Sánchez takes a look at what this may mean for creating UIs.

Migrating to Gradle Kotlin DSL - Extensions and buildSrc (

While migrating a real-life project’s Gradle build from Groovy to Kotlin, Eugene Petrenko collected some useful recommendations, code snippets, and explanations

Android Developer Roadmap 2019 (

Ana Coimbra and Diogo Cabral have created this chart demonstrating the paths that you can take as you progress through your Android development career.

Seamless Android app launch animations using Intent Source Bounds (

In this article, Arunkumar Sampathkumar shows how the Intent field sourceBounds can be explored in context of animations.



link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (



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Senior Software Engineer, Mobile (New York, NY)

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Android Engineer (London/Remote)

Ctrl Group is looking for an Android engineer to join our team in London, or work remotely. You will be a part of an engineering team that values collaboration and shared ownership of the codebase. With our designers, you will work on features that help patients and clinicians work together.


Libraries & Code

TestCoroutineExtension.kt (

A JUnit 4 Rule and JUnit 5 Extension for utilizing TestCoroutineDispatcher and TestCoroutineScope from kotlinx.coroutines-test

gradle-static-analysis-plugin (

A Gradle plugin to easily apply the same setup of static analysis tools across different Android, Java or Kotlin projects. Supports Task Configuration Avoidance so that you have zero overhead in build speeds when you use this plugin!



link image   Wide Color Photos Are Coming to Android (

Android is now at the point where sRGB color gamut with 8 bits per color channel is not enough to take advantage of the display and camera technology. Now with Android Q, it's starting to get really close to reality: wide color photography is coming to Android!

Kotlin Heroes Programming Contest by JetBrains (

Take risks. Learn from mistakes. Be fearless. Challenge your limits with competitive programming. Face a series of tasks, created to test your thinking and coding abilities to the edge and compete against some of the best coders in the world.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   What's New In Kotlin (

Nate Ebel's talk from GDG Seattle I/O'19 Extended event. In this quick lightning talk, he shared about some of the recent updates to Kotlin from 2019.

Machine Learning on Android with ML Kit and TensorFlow (

In this show, Donn talks with Dan Jarvis about Machine Learning on Android with ML Kit and Tensor flow.

Android Q Beta 3 (

Android Q Beta 3 is here! New updates in this version include Dark theme, Gestural Navigation, and smart actions.



link image   Conference for Kotliners - 7th of June, 2019 (

Don't miss the Kotlin event of the summer in the heart of Europe! Kotliners offers a whole day of Kotlin, with two keynotes (by JetBrains and Google), followed by two tracks focusing on the cutting edge, and on practical Android development. Tickets are available in limited numbers, secure your spot now - use the ANDROIDWEEKLY-KOTLINERS voucher for 15% off!