Issue #367

June 23rd, 2019

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Design for the Dark Theme (

In this post Pierluigi Rufo describes how he adapted the design for the Dark Theme on an app.

Workout your tasks with WorkManager — Intro (

This blog post by GDE Magda Miu is the first in a new series on WorkManager. She starts with an intro to background work management on Android, and where WorkManager fits in.

link image   New Book: Living by the Code (

Living by the Code collects the experiences, stories and insights of top tech influencers in a single book. It’s like having dozens of today’s best developers, innovators and leaders in tech right at your fingertips. Available for preorder now!

Migrating to Room in the real world — Part 1 (

In this series of articles, Sebastiano Gottardo & David Lazaro walk you through the process of migrating to Room from a different ORM.

link image   Want top companies to compete for you? 💰 (

Demand for mobile engineers increased by 15% last year. Stop job searching and join Hired. Where companies such as Wag!, Box, Grubhub and more will compete for you with salary details up front. Your next dream job is just a click away ☝️☝️☝

Lara's Q&A — vol. 1 (

Professional developer Lara Martín answers some Questions about technology, Software Development and careers.

A practical LiveData example (

Ryan Godlonton-Shaw shows how LiveData and MutableData handle the way data is delivered to the UI with reactive updates and is a much better way to handle API data than before.

Announcing Envoy Mobile (

Lyft engineer Matt Klein announces the preview release of Envoy Mobile, an iOS and Android client network library that brings the power of Envoy Proxy to mobile platforms.

Migrating to Gradle Kotlin DSL in 5 Simple Steps (

In this article Daniel Bälz shows you how to migrate your Groovy build script to Gradle Kotlin DSL in just five simple steps.

On project dependencies (

Picking a dependency can be a tricky process. Ilian Konchev describes are few things that you should take into consideration.

I bet your RxJava is on the wrong thread (

Dionysis Lorentzos created some Rx puzzles to test how well you know RxJava's subscribeOn and observeOn. You will find all the answers at the bottom of the page.

Tintable Toolbar Things (

Zarah Dominguez spent a lot of time figuring out why toolbar icons were not being tinted -- and it all came down to one attribute.

HEIF Images (

In this post Mark Allison takes a look at what HEIF images are, and explains a little about the benefits that it might offer.

Exploring Android Jetpack: Preferences (

Android Jetpack houses what is known as the Preference Library. Joe Birch takes a dive into Preferences so that we can see what is available and how we can implement it into our applications.



link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (



Android Developer (Cardiff, UK and/or remote)

MYPINPAD develops industry changing payment and authentication solutions. We are looking for highly skilled Android developers to join our small experienced team developing & supporting existing MPP products. 100% Kotlin. International candidates considered (potentially as long term consultants)

Software Engineer - Android (Mountain View, CA)

Quora's mobile apps are critical platforms for sharing and growing the world's knowledge to millions of users. We are looking for Android engineers who are excited about both building user-facing product and designing and implementing abstractions to scale mobile development across the company.

Android Developer (Remote UTC-1 to UTC+3)

Join Europe’s most successful cycling and hiking app and change the way people explore!

Sr. Android Engineer (Arlington, VA)

PBS serves the American public with high quality programming and services. Do you want to make the world a better place while working with the latest in mobile technologies? Join our small but nimble team responsible for streaming content to millions of viewers.

Principal Android Developer, Xfinity Stream (Philadelphia, PA)

Come join our team and work with some of the industry's best engineers in a rewarding and fun work environment. Show us what you can do in an app that reaches millions on a daily basis. We have many new features to develop and need your help to make this happen.

Android/Kotlin Developer (Remote)

Work on incredible Android projects for the world's leading brands. Be part of the world's most energizing community for developers. And do it all from anywhere.


Libraries & Code

link image   Envoy Mobile (

Envoy Mobile brings the power and consistency of Envoy Proxy to the iOS and Android platforms, providing a ubiquitous API and abstraction for mobile application networking.

PrimeDatePicker (

PrimeDatePicker is a date picker tool which provides picking a single day in addition to a range of days.


Videos & Podcasts

Kotlin Lambda Expressions Part 1 (

In this episode, Donn talks about Kotlin Lambda Expressions.

link image   mDevCamp 2019 (

Videos of presentations from mDevCamp 2019

Retrofit Caching Example and Why it SUCKS (

In this video CodingWithMitch talks about Retrofit caching and why (in his opinion) you shouldn't use it.



How well do you know popular dev tools? (

The new Developer Economics survey is live! Answer questions about your skills, the type of development projects you're working on, tools, or platforms. And in return, you enter prize draws and could win new dev gear, a free report & graphs. Take the survey now and be among those who set the trends!



droidcon comes back to New York (

The 6th edition of droidcon New York City will take place August 26-27th, 2019! Come and learn from the top thought leaders in Android. This year will feature over 70 technical Android talks, workshops & codelabs by best-in-class speakers from around the world.