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July 7th, 2019

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Swipe right on Motion Layout (

Cedric shows how to get into the swiping game with the beta version of Motion Layout.

ViewPager2 (

In this post Mark Allison takes a look at how ViewPager2 differs from ViewPager, and how to implement it.

link image   On Sale Now: Reactive Programming with Kotlin (

450+ pages of essential tutorial-style content to hone your reactive programming skills. Use RxJava to create complex reactive apps on Android and solve common application design issues by using RxJava, RxAndroid and RxKotlin. Reactive Programming with Kotlin is sale for the next 24 hours only!

Migrating to Room in the real world — Part 3 (

In this final part, Sebastiano Gottardo and David Lázaro make the existing migrations work with Room and handle the seed database, then flip the switch to Room.

link image   Want top companies to compete for you? 💰 (

Demand for mobile engineers increased by 15% last year. Stop job searching and join Hired. Where companies such as Wag!, Box, Grubhub and more will compete for you with salary details up front. Your next dream job is just a click away ☝️☝️☝

Instrumentation Testing with Dagger2, Retrofit2, MockWebServer  (

When Mohammed Audhil started writing test cases, he was sure to use DI, mock server response, and it took a while to come with a fully functional flow. He shares it here step-by-step.

Kotlin Databind (KDB) (

Android Data Binding is great, but it also comes with some problems mainly caused by code generation. To try to fix those issues, Paulo Sato created a library with no code generation, no code in your XML, just a few files using extension functions.

The Mystery of Mutable Kotlin Collections (

Uberto Barbini investigates how Kotlin let you use Java collections as if they were implementing Kotlin interfaces.

On-Device Debugging Part III: Inspect, Reset, Repeat (

Zarah Dominguez continues this series for on-device debugging. Here she describes how an app includes a set of actions in the built-in developer options.

Philips Hue adaptive icon (

Your icon is one of the most important assets in your app. Jeroen Mols shows how make use of the newer adaptive icons that are available on Android O+.

Getting Started with Drawing on the Android Canvas (

Rebecca Franks shows how diving into using the Android Canvas class can unlock magical super powers you never knew you had!

Android Studio Tips and Tricks (

Master some hidden gems of Android Studio and improve your overall development efficiency with these Android Development tips and tricks from Nishant Srivastava.

Story of an Android Q Leak: attachment crazy town! (

Py shares the epic story of debugging leaks for Square POS in Android Q

Lottie on Android: Part 3 — Dynamic properties (

Connie Reinholdsson shows how Lottie's dynamic properties allows us to target specific animation properties and update them at runtime in response to an event.

Lottie on Android: Part 2— Animation listeners (

In this article Matt Carron explores Lottie’s animation listener and some of the possibilities it enables.

Picasso Tutorial for Android: Getting Started (

In this Picasso Tutorial, Aldo Olivares teaches how to use Picasso to load images from different sources and how to apply filters and transformations



link image   Make Accessible and Inclusive Design a Priority (

Jesse Prehodick describes how the product design community has grown and matured, people have started putting more thought into making sure the products we design are usable and enjoyable by everyone, even those with disabilities or conditions



Senior Mobile Engineer at DuckDuckGo 🦆 (Remote)

Join our team as a Senior Mobile Engineer (Android & iOS expertise required) and help shape the technology that powers the DuckDuckGo search experience.

Android/Kotlin Developer (Remote)

Work on incredible Android projects for the world's leading brands. Be part of the world's most energizing community for developers. And do it all from anywhere.

Android Developer - MOIA (Hamburg, Germany)

Our Operations domain has the goal, to build the most efficient and environmentally friendly fleet operations in the world. For that we need experienced developers to build Android solutions that integrate deeply with our own fleet of vehicles. So, grab your Jetpack and let’s have an instant Pie.


Libraries & Code

kdb (

Kotlin Databind library was made as an alternative to the Android Databind Library, this was constructed to be used with LiveData, so no changes to your ViewModel/Presenter is required to use this

delect (

Delect automatically substitutes Dagger for Dagger Reflect for faster local builds


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Diving into advanced Kotlin features (

In this talk, Simon Wirtz teaches about Kotlin concepts like reified generic types, function literals with receiver, internal DSLs, built-in delegation, infix functions, operator overloading, inline classes and more.

Clean Architecture with Joe Birch (

Donn sits down with Buffer Android Lead, Joe Birch. They break down the concept of what Clean Architecture is in a manner that is easy for even a beginner to understand.

Quickly Validate and Format Json in Android Studio and IntelliJ (

Nate Ebel shows how to quickly validate and format json in Android Studio and IntelliJ using the Json Viewer Plugin.