Issue #370

July 14th, 2019

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Try-On makeup with Augmented Faces (

Kristina Simakova shows how to use Augmented Faces functionality from ARCore to create Android try-on beauty app.

Abusing Dagger with Initializers (

Bartek Lipinski writes an explanation of a common misconception & misuse of Dagger that many people are unaware of.

link image   The Developer Economics surveys live! (

Tell us about your skills and your favourite languages, tools, technologies or platforms. In return, you enter draws and can win dev gear or courses to learn something new, worth over USD $12,000 in total. You will also get a free report & graphs which compare your skills to the global average.

Best practices for connecting IoT devices to the Google Assistant (

If you are a home automation developer building an IoT device, or want to connect an existing IoT device to the Google Assistant, here are some best practices by Nick Felker.

link image   Want top companies to compete for you? 💰 (

Demand for mobile engineers increased by 15% last year. Stop job searching and join Hired. Where companies such as Wag!, Box, Grubhub and more will compete for you with salary details up front. Your next dream job is just a click away ☝️☝️☝

Parallax Scrolling (

Parallax scrolling can be a really interesting technique to use to give parts of your app a bit more life and character. Mark Allison demonstrates how this technique can be applied when using ViewPager2.

16 reasons to publish your apps and games with the Android App Bundle (

Dom Elliott presents 16 reasons why it might make sense to switch to using the relatively new Android App Bundle for publishing your apps.

Keeping cool in Android Q with the Thermal API (

With Android Q, we see a new addition added to the Power Manager API that allows us to both retrieve and listen to the state of a device thermal status. Joe Birch introduces how to use this new API.

Dagger Tutorial (

A completely new tutorial on Dagger. where wach section gets us one step closer to building a sample application that uses Dagger. It includes plenty of code snippets to show you exactly what is happening.

Firebase Realtime Database Security Rules #1 - Getting Started (

Lucy shares a series of posts to show how to pick a starting point for your Firebase Realtime Database rules and how build them out with dependencies gradually.

Refactoring to Kotlin (

In this codelab, you'll learn how to refactor your code from Java to Kotlin. You'll also learn what the Kotlin language conventions are and how to ensure that the code you're writing follows them.

Hands-on with Coroutines (

Coroutines give us all the benefit of asynchronous and non-blocking behavior but without the lack of readability. This hands-on tutorial familiarizes you with the concept of coroutines.



link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (



Senior Mobile Engineer at DuckDuckGo (Remote)

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Android/Kotlin Developer (Remote)

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Android Developer - MOIA (Hamburg, Germany)

Our Operations domain has the goal, to build the most efficient and environmentally friendly fleet operations in the world. For that we need experienced developers to build Android solutions that integrate deeply with our own fleet of vehicles. So, grab your Jetpack and let’s have an instant Pie.


Libraries & Code

Only (

An easy way to persist and run code block only as many times as necessary on Android.

amethyst (

Simple multiplatform SEA (Systems, Entities, Attributes) library written in multiplatform Kotlin which takes care of managing your game entities.



link image   Capturing Audio in Android Q (

In Android Q there's a new API which allows applications to capture the audio of other applications. It's called the AudioPlaybackCapture API and it enables some important use cases for easier content sharing and accessibility.

Android Q Beta 5 Update (

Google rolled out Beta 5, bringing Android Q Beta very close to the system behaviors you'll see in the final release. Developer APIs were already finalized in the previous update. So, now is the time to test your apps for compatibility and make sure they are ready!

What’s new for text in Android Q (

Displaying text is an important task in most apps, so in Android Q Google is continuing to introduce new features to support your needs and improve performance


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Kotlin Course - Tutorial for Beginners (

Nate Ebel teaches the Kotlin programming language in this 2.5h introduction to Kotlin.

Conference for Kotliners 2019 (

Includes all the presentations from both the Kotlin and Android tracks from Conference for Kotliners 2019.