Issue #371

July 21st, 2019

Articles & Tutorials

link image   First Taste of Android Jetpack Compose (

Tan Jun Rong takes a peek at the latest in Compose, and more importantly, writes some sample code!

On-Device Debugging Part IV: Log All The Things! (

Those stacktrace log screens can be really useful when the app misbehaves, but what about those times when we just want to have checkpoints whilst using the app? Zarah Dominguez wraps up this series answering this question.

link image   Last Chance to Get Living by the Code for 30% Off! (

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Handling Exceptions. The Easy Way (

Dmitry Si shares a simple strategy for dealing with exceptions.

link image   Want top companies to compete for you? 💰 (

Demand for mobile engineers increased by 15% last year. Stop job searching and join Hired. Where companies such as Wag!, Box, Grubhub and more will compete for you with salary details up front. Your next dream job is just a click away ☝️☝️☝

Troubleshooting Mockito-Kotlin in Android Testing (

Amanda shares Tips, Tricks, and Gotchas with mocking in Android Unit Testing.

Build Your Own Home Automation Hub with Android Things & Kotlin (

Tj shows the beginnings of a custom home automation hub based on Android Things with support for ZigBee and 433 MHz RF devices.

MotionLayout: Dynamic Toolbar (

In this article, Mark Allison pushes the boundaries a bit and explores some interesting techniques that we can use with MotionLayout.

Encapsulating View State (

Ryan Harter takes a look at a simple approach to communication between the ViewModel and the view layer that allows us to have dead simple views and easily test the valuable code in our app.

Supporting Android Q gestural navigation (

From Android Q onwards there is no longer an on-screen back button, instead users can swipe from both edges to navigate back. In this blog post, Jeroen Mols presents a case study on how support was added for these back gestures in the Philips Hue app.

Threading models in Coroutines and Android SQLite API (

Daniel Santiago shows how Room 2.1 now lets you use Kotlin Coroutines by defining suspending DAO functions.

A simple HTTP mocking library for Kotlin to handle offline modes (

David Blanc introduces HttpMocker, a lightweight library written in Kotlin that provides an OkHttp interceptor to stop network calls and return a canned response from a scenario file or an in-memory rule.

Exploring App Actions on Android: What are App Actions? (

In this first part of articles focused on App Actions, Joe Birch takes a quick look into exactly what they are, how they work and what they can do for our apps.

Vector Graphics on Android (

In this tutorial Kyle Jablonski shows what Scalable Vector Graphics are and how to create and manipulate Vector Graphics on Android.



link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (



Android / Kotlin Developer (IoT) at tado° (Munich, Germany)

Looking for an exciting IoT project in which you can apply your Android or Kotlin skills? tado°, the European market leader in developing and selling smart products and services to control your climate at home, is looking for Android / Kotlin developers to push their app to the next level.

Android Developer - trivago (Düsseldorf, Germany)

Hotel? trivago! Our engineering team works on the cutting edge to develop and improve our native apps. We are now on the lookout for an Android/Kotlin developer to join our team at our headquarters in Düsseldorf. If you think you can drive our app to the next level, we want to hear from you!

Senior Android Engineer (Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Denver, Oakland)

Develop native Android applications and frameworks using Kotlin and Java. Define and implement robust app architectures and complex user interfaces. Apply expert knowledge of Android system frameworks to solve novel problems. Collaborate with designers, engineers, and PMs to build great products

Android Developer - MOIA (Hamburg, Germany)

Our Operations domain has the goal, to build the most efficient and environmentally friendly fleet operations in the world. For that we need experienced developers to build Android solutions that integrate deeply with our own fleet of vehicles. So, grab your Jetpack and let’s have an instant Pie.


Libraries & Code

link image   SocialTextView (

A simple custom Android TextView that highlights content such as Mention, Hashtag, Phone, Email and Url.

httpmocker (

HttpMocker is s simple HTTP mocking library written in Kotlin to quickly and easily handle offline modes in your apps



Catch errors earlier in development with the new Actions on Google linter (

Google is launching the Actions on Google linter for Node.js. The linter performs compile-time checks and alerts you when a webhook builds a response that doesn’t follow the documented requirements


Videos & Podcasts

Testing and JUnit 5 with Marcel Schnelle (

Marcel Schnelle joins Donn in this episode to talk about how to get your application under test and some steps to go from scared to confident in your testing process.