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August 11th, 2019

Articles & Tutorials

link image   When to load data in ViewModels (

In this article Josef Raska explains the best practices when to load data in your view models. He's showing you naive approaches and then how it can be done better.

Bitrise vs. CircleCI for Android in a head-to-head battle (

In this post the Infimum team compares CircleCI with Bitrise. Interesting insights who's providing the better service for CI/CD.

link image   Get Detailed Feedback and Debug your App Faster (

Instabug lets your users simply shake to send detailed bug reports loaded with everything you need to track and reproduce issues faster. It's lightweight, easy to integrate, fast, and if you start your 14 day free trial from then it comes with a free Instabug t-shirt too!

MVI - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (

Good article by Adam Bennett about the MVI architecture pattern (aka Redux).

Two Apps in Less than Five Minutes with Kotlin Multiplatform (

Ben Whitley walks you through setting up some shared code in less than five minutes.

How to create an Android App Part 1 (

Ed Rome starts a tutorial, written on Java, on how to develop an Android app that has some basic functionality.

Motional Intelligence for Global Persistent UI (

The concept of Motional Intelligence can be used to build smarter animations.. Here TJ provides some examples.

Kotlin Multiplatform for Clean Architecture (

Wouldn’t it be nice to write Kotlin once and compile it for Android & iOS? Jan Freymann shows how Kotlin Multiplatform enables us to write the same code for the JVM as well as LLVM!

Announcing Shark: Smart Heap Analysis Reports for Kotlin (

Recently Py just released LeakCanary 2 Beta 1, and with it a new standalone library: Smart Heap Analysis Reports for Kotlin, aka Shark

Android Canvas Drawing: Useful Graphics Classes & Operations (

In this post, Rebecca Franks covers some classes that you will find available within the Android Framework which can make your life a bit easier when working with a canvas.

Easy Android Preferences with Bulldog (

Sérgio Serra presents the Bulldog library, which uses annotation processing and Kotlin delegated properties to simplify reading and storing values in Android preferences.

You thought you knew Android (

Interesting journey into the Android source code uncovering a blink layout that we've never seen in action before ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Getting Touch Held Down Callbacks on Android (

In this post Altuğ Keçiciler explains how to track held down callbacks. He's explaining how he implemented that UI pattern and finally providing a nice little library (check out the libraries and code section).

The gritty truth about app modularization (

Nice insights by Mark Ng about the lessons learned while breaking your app into modules. In the end of the article he gives a great list where you can start your refactoring endeavour.



link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (



link image   A micro-animations library (

Animated icons in Lottie Framework and After Effects for immediate implementation to your apps or websites.

Experimenting with motion in Android (

Pierluigi Rufo describes from a design point of view the different approaches and tools that he's experimented with in order to implement meaningful app animations.



Android/Kotlin Developer (Remote)

Join the most energizing community for remote developers and work with the world's leading brands on awesome long-term mobile teams.

Senior Android/Kotlin Engineer (Dania Beach, FL or Boston, MA)

Chewy is revolutionizing the pet industry as one of the fastest growing e-commerce retailers of all time. We are looking for Senior Android/Kotlin Engineers to join our team. If you want to make an impact, are self-motivated, and thrive in a fast paced environment, we want to hear from you!


Libraries & Code

Mockinizer (

A retrofit api call mocking library

Bulldog (

Android library to simplify reading and writing to SharedPreferences

OnViewTouchHoldListener (

Android View.OnTouchListener implementation to get continuous asynchronous callbacks while touch being held down with desired polling rate.

Medal (

Easy way to implement medal effect for Android.

SimpleGenericAdapter (

A Simplified Adapter for RecyclerView.



link image   Gesture Navigation: A Backstory (

Google gives folks an inside look at how they’ve approached the challenge of moving to a gesture model for system navigation, along with the rationale, and some of the trade-offs as well.

Participate in an upcoming Android Developer user study! (

More curious about Jetpack Compose than what you can learn online? Join the next Google UX study for Compose! It's a 2-part series, they have some secret stuff to try out. (Require in-person participation on Google campus)

Final Beta update, official Android Q coming soon! (

We’re just a few weeks away from the official release of Android Q! As Google puts the final polish on the new platform, they’ve rolled out Beta 6, the last Beta update.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Droidcon Vietnam 2019 (

Videos of all the presentations from Droidcon Vietnam 2019

Jetpack Compose with Leland Richardson (

This week Donn and Kaushik talk to Leland Richardson from the Android team at Google about Jetpack Compose.

Tips for Building Custom Views on Android with Canvas APIs (

Rebecca Franks covers the basics of drawing onto a Canvas to create your own custom view as well as using Shaders and Matrices to achieve magical effects.

Android Developers Backstage: Kotlin with Andrey Breslav (

Tor and Romain spoke with Andrey Breslav, the lead language designer at Jetbrains for Kotlin.



Kotlin in Boston, Everywhere: Call for Speakers (

Come to Boston on November 8th and 9th to celebrate the diversity of the Kotlin platform as it grows beyond Android apps and the Java server. They are looking for speakers, call open from Aug 10th to Sep 30th.