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September 1st, 2019

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Make your Android application rock SOLID - Part 1 (

First part of an article series by Jorge Nicolás Nogueiras on how to apply the SOLID principles to your architecture.

Dagger 2, 2 Years Later (

Nice and honest retrospective of adopting Dagger 2. It boils down to the fact that the architecture has been messy before and then dependency injection is worsen things instead of being beneficial - but if you're into adopting Dagger 2 for your app this article has some nice gems inside.

link image   Meet the New Instabug: More Than Bug Reporting! (

We empower mobile teams to connect with customers, iterate faster, and release with confidence through real-time feedback and contextual insights. Get to know more about Instabug and how it helps development and product teams to easily collect bugs and feedback from beta testers and customers here.

How to unit test Room: runInTransaction (

In this post Peter Törnhult shares his finding of using MockK to test what’s being called inside runInTransaction.

link image   Production-ready Code from App Designs (

Supernova converts Sketch and Adobe XD designs into production-ready code for iOS, Android, React Native and Flutter. Based on modern development best practices while remaining fully flexible, Supernova allows you to laser-focus your development process. Try it now in a free 14-day trial.

Using Git Hooks to improve your development workflow (

In this example, Enrique López Mañas shows how Git hooks can run scripts which allow you to automatically run checks on your changes, including unit tests and static code checks.

Core Principles Behind CameraX Jetpack Library (

In this blog post, Oscar Wahltinez covers the basic principles behind the CameraX Jetpack Library in addition to a few ways in which the library has changed since its announcement at Google I/O 2019

Using the new list API in Cloud Storage for Firebase (

Cloud Storage for Firebase recently launched support for listing files in buckets and folders. Doug Stevenson describes this new feature.

Now in Android: Episode #3 (

Chet Haase shares some things happening in the Android universe recently that are worth checking out.

Motional Intelligence: Build smarter animations (

Nick Butcher presents some techniques for writing smarter animations in your Android applications, specifically for making animations play nicely with reactive architectures

Activity and Fragment Layouts with AndroidX (

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simpler way than setContentView to inflate our views? Bryan Lindsey shows how with a few recent AndroidX library updates, there is a simpler way.

Publishing an Android library to MavenCentral (

The process of publishing an open source library to MavenCentral, and especially automating it, can be quite a headache. Márton Braun walks you through step-by-step with this thorough guide.

Things I Learnt from a Senior Software Engineer (

Neil Kakkar sat next to, and worked with a senior software engineer for a year. Here’s what he learnt.

Easy Mapping of Actions and UI State (

Ahmed Rizwan explains a basic example of how we can use LiveData + Coroutine + ViewModel to map actions & UI state.

Activity and Fragment Layouts with AndroidX (

Google has added a new way of inflating layouts and the guys at Big Nerd Ranch have written a post about it. It's time to shove some lines of code from your views.

To parse or not to parse XML on Android in 2019 (

XML is out of fashion, but if you're still relying on that ancient technology then this article has some nice tips.



link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (



Lead Android Developer (Boston)

5+ years of industry experience developing Native Mobile applications, Mastery of Android SDK, Experience with Java and/or Kotlin, REST APIs/third-party SDKs, Agile process, app deployment to google play store.


Libraries & Code

link image   CalendarView (

A highly customizable calendar library for Android got some updates.

contour (

Contour is a typesafe, Kotlin-first API for complex layouts on Android from Square.

MathCoroutinesFlow (

This sample showcases an Android app that uses both Flow and Channel from Kotlin Coroutines

Corbind (

Kotlin Coroutines binding APIs for Android UI widgets from the platform and support libraries. Supports Flow, ReceiveChannel and Actor.

Ballon (

A lightweight popup like tooltips, fully customizable with arrow and animations.

VerticalSeekBar (

A nicer, redesigned and vertical SeekBar for Android.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Kotlin/Everywhere Chicago 2019 (

Playlist of all the presentations from Kotlin/Everywhere Chicago 2019.

What Pattern Should I Use – MVP, MVVM, MVI …? (

This week Donn talks about what pattern you should use when developing your application. Is it MVP? MVVM? Mabye MVI? Perhaps it’s something else. Find out in this episode.

How to make buttery smooth Interfaces on Android (

This talk from Anton Spaans of Accenture Interactive explores how Rx and Coroutines can be used to make applications smoother and faster.

Stay up to date with new technologies (

Mayuko explains how to stay up to date with new technologies as a Software Engineer.



Android Dev Summit, October 23-24 (

#AndroidDevSummit is coming, on October 23-24! While tickets have already gone out, you can sign up to join the live stream.