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September 22nd, 2019

Articles & Tutorials

link image   When to Use Sequences (

In this article, Dave Leeds answers the question of “When should I use sequences, and when should I use normal collections?”

Kotlin Generics Tutorial (

In this tutorial, Pablo L. Sordo Martinez helps you become familiar with Kotlin generics so that you can include them in your developments to make your code more concise and flexible

link image   Build and operate Android apps faster with Bitrise (

From Android-specific solutions to full cross-platform support, we aim to streamline your development process through one, easy-to-use service. Whether you work in Kotlin, React Native, or any other framework, Bitrise is the way to go. Sign up for a free trial today!

The Mentality of a Software Engineer (

Being a software engineer is really about having the confidence and grit to solve problems and fail in a safe space with a supportive community. Amanda Hinchman shares the 5 essential principles that helped her.

link image   Tired of job applications? 🙄 (

So are we 😜. Join Hired, the #1 career marketplace for Android Engineers where companies apply to you, not the other way around. Get salary details and equity upfront, before the interview. Choose the tech stack. Plus, no more applications.

View Binding: Internals (

View Binding is Google’s shiny new approach to avoiding findViewById and a variety of issues that come with it, and Mark Allison describes why he thinks it is pretty good.

Maybe Don't Write That Test (

Philosophical Hacker Matt Dupree describes some scenarios where he feels it's better to not write tests.

Patterns for security with Firebase (

Doug Stevenson shares some practical examples for securing your Firebase backend.

Exploring View Binding on Android (

Joe Birch describes the new View Binding feature coming in Android Studio 3.6. IT is a feature that allows you to more easily write code that interacts with views.

Introducing An Open Source Backend Server for Mobile & Web Developers (

Eldad Fux introduces Appwrite, a new open-source, end to end backend server for frontend and mobile developers that allows you to build apps a lot faster.

How to set up Crashlytics alerting to monitor app stability (

In this blog post, review the types of alerts Crashlytics provides and the recommendations on how to configure them based on observations from customers.

Introducing Chucker (

Nicola Corti describes Chucker 3.x, a fork of the unmaintained Chuck library, which comes with a lot of new features and improvements that will hopefully improve your developer experience.



link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (



Senior Android Engineer (London, UK / Lisbon, Portugal)

At Onfido we develop an Android library used by millions of users as part of the onboarding flows of apps like Revolut, Barclays, Couchsurfing or Babylon Health. Also, very interesting greenfield projects in the identity field on our roadmap.

Senior Android (Kotlin) Engineer (Charlottesville, VA)

We're looking for Android Developers who want to hone their craft and build high-quality products in a collaborative environment. At WillowTree, we look for team members who have a deep appreciation of software engineering best practices and bring a helpful attitude toward their team.

Senior Android Engineer (San Diego or Remote - Pacific Time Zone)

Valtech is busy building the future, and we’re looking for Senior Android Engineers that want to help us make sure it works.


Libraries & Code

LEGO-Catalog (

A LEGO® Catalog app illustrating current Android Architecture state using Android development best practices.

All Android samples on GitHub (

Google announced that all Android samples will now be available on GitHub

KotlinMultiPlatform (

A Kotlin MultiPlatform Sample App (Android, iOS, JVM & JS). MVVM/MVP - Kotlin MultiPlatform

chucker (

An HTTP inspector for Android & OkHTTP (like Charles but on device)

Hagu (

Gradle plugin to enable Kotlin build configuration secrets for Kotlin, Kotlin-Native / Multiplatform



link image   New! Android Kotlin codelab courses are here (

Want to learn to build Android apps in Kotlin? Get started with the Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers and Developing Android apps in Kotlin codelabs courses.

Google Chrome app is no longer the WebView provider in Android 10 (

With Android 10, Google has reverted to the pre-Nougat behavior, and WebView is now handled by a separate app again.



link image   Appwrite (

An open-source end to end backend server for frontend and mobile developers


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Dialling Back with Annyce Davis (

Hadi sits down with Annyce to discuss the use of Kotlin features and whether or not we're often abusing these in detriment of creating maintainable code.

Gabriel Peal – MvRx (Mavericks) (

Gabriel Peal from Tonal introduces us to the MvRx Framework and Jenn dives into the Jetpack Network Architecture Component.