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October 20th, 2019

Articles & Tutorials

link image   5 Key Mobile App Statistics App Developers Should Know (

James Ewen looks at five interesting stats based on data from the last year. Then he's going to attempt to understand what these trends show, how it will affect monetization, engagement and other app metrics. He’ll also look at how developers can adapt their app strategy to suit these trends.

Your Android Application Silently Skips Frames (

Skipped frames are a major issue because it can cause your application to look bad. Vasiliy Zukanov attempts to set the default warning threshold below 30 for tracking these issues in tests.

link image   Come to droidcon San Francisco | November 25-26th (

Join us at droidcon San Francisco 2019 and learn about all things Android development on 2 days packed with over 70 tech talks. Connect & collaborate with peers from around the globe and become part of the largest Android developer community in the world.

Using Material Theme Overlay in your custom Views (

A theming concept that was new to Ataul Munim was theme overlays. It’s a powerful technique that allows us to override only the attributes that are specified in the overlay itself.

link image   Tired of job applications? 🙄 (

So are we 😜. Join Hired, the #1 career marketplace for Android Engineers where companies apply to you, not the other way around. Get salary details and equity upfront, before the interview. Choose the tech stack. Plus, no more applications.

Better Custom Views with Delegates (

In this article, Márton Braun takes a look at implementing custom components easily by using Kotlin's delegates.

link image   Android In-App Chat Made Easy With Stream (

Learn how easy it is to use Stream's Android Java & Kotlin chat SDK. Build real-time chat for Android, iOS, and web in hours not months. Start a free trial now and try out Stream's chat API, SDK and chat React Components. See why Stream powers the feeds and chat for over 500 million end-users.

How to Use a Morphing Animation in Your App (

This article describes animated drawable vectors and how to easily create them in your app. After reading this tutorial, you’ll be able to create an animation to morph from one icon to another.

Toothpick 3 — a hidden gem in the DI world (

Having used Dagger2 and played around with Koin and Kodein, Mark Ng believes that Toothpick 3 is the best DI library in terms of simplicity and ease of use not to mention testability.

Exploring Android Leanback: Browse Branding (

Joe Birch looks at the Leanback library from Android Jetpack which aims to make Android TV app development simpler for developers. In this first article, he dives into the core part of the leanback library, the Browse Fragment.

Automate Your Android App Bundle Publishing using Jenkins (

Andrew Japar shows how to use Jenkins to automate building an APK or App Bundle and then publishing it to Google Play Store.

The 10 rules of navigating code reviews (

In her years of developing software, Angie Jones has come up with 10 rules that she follows to navigate code reviews. They have worked like a charm on every team she's ever been a part of, so hopefully they work for you.

Test Desiderata (

Kent Beck explains the following: "Tests should be coupled to the behavior of code and decoupled from the structure of code. Seeing tests that fail on both counts."

Making Android unidirectional data flow with Kotlin coroutines 🦄 (

Arnaud Giuliani shares some ideas about structuring development around a ViewModel. How can we set it up as States and Events? All of this has been packaged into a small library: Uniflow.

Lessons Learnt with Kotlin: Extension Functions (

Rebecca Franks shares a quick dive into how she's used & over-used Kotlin extension functions.

Playing with Jetpack Compose dev preview — Part 1 (

Kirill Rozov shows some parts of Jetpack Compose, and how to get started with it.

Jetpack Compose - now on Maven (

I’m sure you’re just as excited as Adam Bennett about trying out Jetpack Compose. Now that parts of Compose are available via Maven, it's a lot easier to try it out in your own app.



link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (



link image   How to design delightful dark themes (

Teresa Man shares some design tips to make your dark themes stand out.



Senior Android Engineer (Raleigh-Durham, NC, Charlottesville, VA)

We're looking for Android Developers who want to hone their craft and build high-quality products in a collaborative environment. At WillowTree, we look for team members who have a deep appreciation of software engineering best practices and bring a helpful attitude toward their team.

Senior Android Engineer (San Francisco, CA)

Coinbase is committed to building the easiest way for people around the world to make cryptocurrency investments. The future of digital currency is on mobile. This is where you come in.

Android Developer (Remote) (Remote : UTC-1 to UTC+3)

Join Europe’s most successful cycling and hiking app and change the way people explore!

Sr. Software Engineer - Android Voice & Video SDKs (Denver, CO)

Twilio is growing rapidly and seeking a Sr. Software Engineer for the Voice and Video SDKs team, which enables developers to build rich WebRTC-based media experiences. The SDKs you build will have the audience of 2M+ developers building with Twilio.


Libraries & Code

uniflow-kt (

Simple Unidirectional Data Flow for Android & Kotlin, using Kotlin's coroutines and open to functional programming.

flipper (

Flipper is a simple and useful tool to deal with feature toggles. It's not some secret weapon rather set of best practices to work with flipping features in your application, which is shipped as a library.



link image   Introducing NDK r21: first Long Term Support release (

Android NDK r21 is now in Beta. Google has the usual toolchain updates, improved defaults for better security and performance, and are making changes to their release process to better accommodate users that need stability without hindering those that want new features.

Google Action Disappearance (

Google Action Disappearance wider than previously thought with over 80% gone from English, Korean, and Dutch with some now returning.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Android Summit 2019 (

Videos from Android Summit 2019 in McLean, Virginia, USA.

How I built a multiplatform game engine in Kotlin (

Renette Ros shares how she got a game engine running in a web browser and on the JVM along with a simple example of starting with Kotlin multiplatform.

How we've used Kotlin to build a great mobile design app (

In this talk, Rebecca Franks covers what her experience has been like working on a Kotlin codebase.

Firebase Summit 2019 (

Firebase Summit took place Thursday, 26 September 2019 in Madrid, Spain. It was a day filled with technical talks and demos about the latest in Firebase