Issue #389

November 24th, 2019

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Dagger Party Tricks: Refactoring (

Zac Sweers shares some techniques for refactoring Dagger code with ease.

A study of the Parcelize feature from Kotlin Android Extensions (

Since Kotlin version 1.3.60, the Android Studio plugin recognizes Parcelize as production-ready. Here’s why Christophe Beyls believes @Parcelize is the best of all third-party Parcelable code generation libraries.

link image   Test, build and deploy your Android apps with Bitrise (

Automate your entire Android build process with Bitrise: run any Gradle task you wish on our virtual machine, perform virtual device testing with our Firebase integration, and deploy to Google Play as often as you want, with a single automatic trigger. Sign up for a free trial!

Type-safe time calculations using Duration (

Starting from Kotlin 1.3.50, we can now make use of the Duration class to have worry-free time calculations in our programs. Rahul Chowdhury shows how it works.

link image   Check out our New Shows for Devs on YouTube (

Square has Android SDKs for building payments into your own app or even kiosks for in-person payments. We also have APIs to help you manage a business outside of payments—including keeping track of your inventory or taking orders in advance. Check out the new Square YouTube channel for developers.

Adding a Material Speed Dial to a Floating Action Button (

TJ goes about creating a FAB speed dial that is completely independent of the anchor View for the speed dial action using composition over inheritance.

Public API challenges in Kotlin (

Using Kotlin types whose properties will change over time in public API requires extra care to maintain source and binary compatibility as well as an idiomatic API for each language. Jake Wharton lists a couple of issues to watch for.

Scratch That Itch (

Scratch files are super lightweight, runnable, and debuggable files. Zarah Dominguez shows how to make use of these to quickly write, run and test your code.

AnimatedIcons: Max / Min (

The icon animation that Mark Allison looks at in this article is a maximum / minimum state transition, or possibly an expanded / collapsed transition.

Want Your Mobile App to Succeed? Address These 6 Issues (

This article touches on a few pitfalls you can avoid when starting out in the world of mobile apps.

What makes a good developer? (

Juhani Lehtimäki struggled to take steps beyond “senior developer” for a long time. It wasn’t obvious what was required of him. In this post he takes a look at his past and look at things he wishes he would have known or realised earlier.



link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (



link image   How we scaled our design system to unleash a new brand (

Skyscanner’s design system, ‘Backpack’, played a crucial role in enabling the company’s recent brand refresh. In this piece, Shaun Donnelly looks at how having a design system helped — and could help other businesses give themselves a makeover.



Android Engineer (Java/Kotlin) (Berlin, Germany)

We're looking for an Android Engineer (Java/Kotlin) in Berlin who will join our international tech team as soon as possible in creating one of the fastest growing companies in the heating market. Read more in the link postet below.

Senior Android Engineer, Classical Music Streaming (**Berlin - Kreuzberg - Germany**)

We are looking for a passionate and product-driven Senior Android Engineer to join our marvelous Mobile team: a group of people with a shared interest in great user experience, robust software, fast delivery, and clear communication.

Android/Kotlin Developer (Remote)

Be part of the most energizing community for developers and get jobs working with the world's leading brands on Android projects. From anywhere.

Android Developer - trivago (Düsseldorf)

Hotel? trivago! Our engineering team works on the cutting edge to develop and improve our native apps. We are now on the lookout for an Android developer to join our team at our headquarters in Düsseldorf. If you think you can drive our app to the next level, we want to hear from you!

Software Mobile Design Engineer (San Francisco, CA USA)

TripIt®, the leading trip management app from SAP Concur, Inc., helps travelers organize and manage their travel plans. As a mobile engineer on our team, you will design elegant user interfaces and build features to reduce the stress of travel.


Libraries & Code

gradle-static-analysis-plugin (

A Gradle plugin to easily apply the same setup of static analysis tools across different Android, Java or Kotlin projects.



link image   Unifying Background Task Scheduling on Android (

To help you build more battery-friendly apps, Google introduced WorkManager as the unified solution for all deferrable background processing needs. Starting November 1, 2020, they are unifying deferrable background tasks on Android around WorkManager.

Learn advanced skills for developing Android apps in Kotlin (

Advanced Android in Kotlin, developed by Google together with Udacity, is our newly-released, free, self-paced online course. In this course, expert instructors from the Android team at Google will introduce you to some of the advanced features you can build into your Android apps.

Android Developer Challenge: here’s what Google is looking for! (

Last month, Google kicked off the next Android Developer Challenge and asked you to submit your ideas focused on helpful innovation, powered by on-device machine learning. Remember to apply by Dec. 2.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Mobiconf 2019 (

Videos of most of the presentations from Mobiconf 2019

Where do I put DB objects in a modularized Android app? (

App Modularization has lots of benefits but how do you manage your database objects in these modules? In this episode Kaushik grapples with that question and tries to come up with an answer.

ADB: Gradle to Crave (

In this episode, Tor chats with Jerome Dochez, Chris Warrington and Xavier Ducrohet from the Android Studio build system team and discuss the new speed attribution feature in 4.0, the effort to create new APIs for plugin authors, and a lot more.

The Android Developer Challenge is back (

Helpful innovation, powered by On-Device Machine Learning + you: Google's bringing back the Android Developer Challenge and asking you to help us unlock new experiences on Android.



link image   My Life In Tech: On running, coding and being the first (

This piece is a profile of Moyinoluwa Adeyemi, an Android Developer, and Google Developer Expert, who, outside of her daily tasks, loves to give back to society so that means a lot of speaking, writing, and organizing events.