Issue #393

December 22nd, 2019

Articles & Tutorials

Computed properties with property getters (

Rahul Chowdhury discusses how we can make our code more meaningful and easy to decipher using property getters and setters, a.k.a. computed properties.

AnimatedIcons: Arrow Circle (

Mark Allison continues the series looking at how to create some animations as Animated Vector Drawables and show some useful AVD techniques.

link image   5 Essential Android Techniques for 2020 (

After attending Droidcon London 2019, Jake Lee describes the top 5 techniques he feels will be important to developers in 2020.

Instant Search with Kotlin Coroutines (

In this post, Erik Hellman explains the method he recently learned when he decided to implement an instant search feature using Kotlin Coroutines.

Eight Habits of Expert Software Designers: An Illustrated Guide (

The best designers employ specific habits, learned practices, and observed principles when they work. Here are a few of them.

link image   MotionLayout: A new way to create animations on Android (

Péter Enyedi takes a look at the previous approaches used to create animations in applications, and then get started with MotionLayout!

Selectively running Android modularized unit tests on your CI server (

What if we have 30 modules, each with plenty of code / tests, and we open a pull request that only makes changes to one of those modules? In this article Joe Birch shares how he made some additions to the CI to help here!

6 Misconceptions about TDD – Mocks, mocks everywhere! (

In part 6 of this guide to the TDD cycle – this time, Bartosz Skuza takes a closer look at mocks in testing.

Our Kotlin Multiplatform implementation (

StefMa shares some code so that you can directly jump into Kotlin multiplatform and start by yourself. Additionally, he has a nice GitHub template for you as well.

Navigating the Future of Android Development (

Nate Ebel starts the first installment of a new series dedicated to exploring the latest tools, tips, and trends in the world of Android development, helping you stay up to date and to grow in your career.

D8 Library Desugaring (

Jake Wharton describes how applications have access to the foundational types from Java 8, even when their minimum supported API level is lower than when those types were introduced, with core library desugaring now available in Android Gradle plugin 4.0 alphas.

Kotlin Multiplatform in 2020 (

Kotlin Multiplatform is moving from an early stage, engineering focused, experiment into a solid contender in the multiplatform solution space. Eric Maxwell examines what this means for developers.

Kotlin coroutines with arrow-fx (

Paco shows how a recent release of the Arrow functional library combines really well with Kotlin Coroutines.



link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (



Android Developer @ Big Nerd Ranch (Atlanta or Remote)

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Android Engineer (Java/Kotlin) (Berlin)

The Android client we develop is used by our Germany wide workforce and is key to the digitization of the energy business. It’s an enterprise-grade application which connects to our backend services.


Libraries & Code

link image   Weatherapp (

5 Day Forecast app that works on Android and uses latest tools (Kotlin, Navigation, Room, LiveData, Databinding, Dagger 2)

KotlinMultiplatformTemplate (

This Kotlin Multiplatform can be used as a template to get started with MPP in your project


Videos & Podcasts

link image   KotlinConf 2019 (

KotlinConf 2019 was JetBrians third annual conference dedicated entirely to Kotlin, and this playlist includes all of the presentations.

Year End Decompress (

In this decompress episode, Donn and KG talk about how their 2019 went. It goes from Dagger talk to Kotlin talk to Kotlin Conf talk. Give it a listen and enjoy

Android Developers Backstage: Display, Input and Haptics (

In this episode, Chet and Romain travel all the way to London to have a chat with Michael Wright about high refresh rate displays (90/120 Hz), HDR, audio-coupled haptics, how gamepads are supported and, curiously, about the Android API council.