Issue #394

December 29th, 2019

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Exploring Jetpack Compose: Modifiers (

In this series of articles Joe Birch dives into each of the Jetpack Compose components that are available, exploring how we can utilize each of them within our applications. This time he looks at modifiers.

Minimal Kotlin Multiplatform project using Compose and SwiftUI (

John O'Reilly shares an even simpler Kotlin multiplatform (Android & iOS) project.

The Seven (Actually 10) Cardinal Sins of Android Development (

Gabor Varadi shows you a few commonly recurring mistakes that some developers make by accident, that can potentially break your app.

link image   What the Flow? (

Project Reactor and RxJava are two popular reactive libraries that allow you to program with asynchronous data streams. Shelby Cohen looks at how these libraries can be replaced, or used together with Kotlin's new Flow implementation.

Kotlin as scripting language (

Not everybody knows that Kotlin can also be used to create simple and elegant scripts! Daniele Bonaldo shows you how to make use of it.

Using Dialogflow Session Entities to improve the quality of your Action (

Nick Felker discusses how to use session entities, an advanced feature of Dialogflow to improve users' conversations.

How to create an app bundle (and APK) on Travis / CI server (

Jake Lee is transitioning a large app slowly from APKs to app bundles whilst retaining compatibility with existing processes generating both app bundles and APKs. The detailed explanations in this post should make it easier to implement into Travis or other CI.

How Stable Is Stable Enough? (

Nate Ebel answers the questions: How do we keep track of important library updates? and How stable does a library have to be to consider using it in a production app?

Uniform list access with subscripts (

This week, Rahul Chowdhury discusses how we can add subscript access to our custom data models through operator overloading.

Motion Vectors (

AnimatedVectorDrawable and MotionLayout are great animation tools, but using them together is not easy. In this article, Mark Allison looks at why that is and shares a nifty trick to get them to collaborate.

An Android Developer’s Guide to Tech Blogging (

Have you wanted to get started in tech blogging, but had no idea how to get started? Pamela Hill provides some pointers for you to start, taking you from beginner to successful writer!

A Guide on Splash Screen in Android in 2020 (

Wajahat Karim takes a fresh look at the splash screen on Android in Kotlin using Coroutines.

Introducing Scabbard: Easily visualize Dagger 2 dependency graphs (

Do you have a complex Android app where you would like to visualize your class hierarchy? Then scabbard might be an interesting project. Go and fight your god classes.



link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (



Senior Android Engineer @ Peloton (New York, New York)

Peloton uses technology and design to bring studio-style workouts into millions of homes globally. We continuously innovate and bring Members socially-connected fitness experiences. Adding a Sr. Android Engineer, experienced with writing code in Kotlin, to our fast-growing team of smart creatives.

Contract for Senior Engineers and Teams (Salt Lake City, UT, and Remote)

LumaTouch is looking for talented senior engineers and teams to contract to develop a feasibility demo for bringing LumaFusion, our industry-leading iOS professional mobile video editor, to Android and ChromeOS. If the demo is successful, this will lead to larger development project

Android Developer @ Big Nerd Ranch (Atlanta or Remote)

Big Nerd Ranch specializes in developing business-building mobile apps for our clients, teaching fellow developers, and writing our best selling Big Nerd Ranch Guides. We are looking for Android Engineers to join our team. Learn more about us:

Android Engineer (Java/Kotlin) (Berlin)

The Android client we develop is used by our Germany wide workforce and is key to the digitization of the energy business. It’s an enterprise-grade application which connects to our backend services.


Libraries & Code

link image   backtrack (

Back stack functionality with back press handling for Jetpack Compose

PeopleInSpace (

Minimal Kotlin Multiplatform project using Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI

rxbilling (

RxJava binding APIs for Google Play Billing.

Android Cookie Store (

Android InMemory and persistent Cookie Store for HttpURLConnection and OkHttp, with extensions to easily sync cookies in Android WebViews.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Testing by design (

A presentation by Hannes Dorfmann and Kostiantyn Tarasenko on how a testing-first architecture such as MVI helps us to write and maintain efficient tests.

Imposter Syndrome In Programming (

In this video, discuss dealing with Imposter Syndrome in programming and software development: What it is, why it is so prevalent and how to handle it.

How It’s Made — Babylon Health (

Hannes talked to Sakis Kaliakoudas how Babylon Health build their Apps

Deep diving into the Kotlin Coroutines API (

Filip Babić goes over the majority of the Kotlin Coroutines API, with the emphasis on explaining how each component works, which principles and elements are used behind the scenes, and how you can utilize Coroutines in your code.