Issue #396

January 12th, 2020

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Several Free & Easy Ways to Promote Your App (

Promoting your app is one of the most important things you should be focusing on once your app hits the store. Here are some ways in which you can get your app in front of people who are interested in what it has to offer.

How to perfect android animations using MotionLayout (

Animations \make our apps feel interactive, increase engagement, and make our designers happy. Gil Goldzweig Goldbaum looks at MotionLayout which makes it easy to create beautiful animations with a high level of flexibility.

Kotlin Inject (

Christopher Keenan describes a new Kotlin multi-platform library for annotating common code that will be dependency injected.

link image   Maximizing Code Sharing with Kotlin Multiplatform (

This article by Kurt Renzo Acosta aims to discuss code sharing between Android and iOS using Kotlin Multiplatform.

Building an Action for Google Assistant (

In this tutorial, Jenn Bailey shows how to create a conversational experience with Google Assistant.

A Story about FFmpeg on Android. Part III: Extension (

FFmpeg is a great tool with many features available right out-of-the-box and supports integration with many external libraries for even more features. In this part, Alexander Berezhnoi shows the concept of integration of an external library as well as several specific examples.

A real-world case in a coroutine test implementation (

Fred Porciúncula shares a real-world case in a coroutine test rule implementation.

How to resize Icons & Images easily in Android Studio | John Codeos (

In this tutorial, John Codeos shows you how easy it is to resize the icons and images for every screen size (hdpi,mdpi,xhdpi etc.) using the plugin Android Drawable Importer.

Handling Clicks in Jetpack Compose (

Creating views in Jetpack Compose is really easy but not all components have onClick listeners. Nikit Bhandari shows that this is where we can use either Clickable or Toggleable elements.

Prepopulate Room with data (

Stavro Xhardha describes how to ship an app that uses Room pre-populated with data.

Let's Review: Pokedex (

Márton Braun analyzes a very good looking open-source Pokedex app that's been getting a lot of attention.

When WorkManager Stops Working (

Dan Lew warns about the implications of using unique work with the APPEND policy when using WorkManager.

A Visual Debugging Tool for Machine Learning (

Lezhi Li introduces Manifold, a model-agnostic visual debugging tool for machine learning that can be used to identify issues in ML models.



link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (



Senior Android Engineer (Kotlin) @ Mobimeo GmbH (Berlin)

Mobimeo is changing the way cities move. We are a technology company working on simplifying everyday mobility in urban centers. Our Android team develops digital mobility applications using Kotlin involving mapping, routing and live navigation topics.

Android Developer (Cardiff/Remote)

Someone who is a passionate app developer, likes working on UI, has an interest in scaling CI/CD and improving Ops flow. Enjoys a technical challenge.

Senior Android Engineer (Kotlin) @ Peakon (Copenhagen)

Peakon is a platform for companies to ensure that their employees are happy and have a suitable environment to reach their full potentials. We're in the early stage of developing an app in Kotlin (plan to release v.1 in June) so there are many decisions to be made and, naturally, no technical debt.

Senior Android Engineer @ Peloton (New York, New York)

Peloton uses technology and design to bring studio-style workouts into millions of homes globally. We continuously innovate and bring Members socially-connected fitness experiences. Adding a Sr. Android Engineer, experienced with writing code in Kotlin, to our fast-growing team of smart creatives.


Libraries & Code

link image   PaintableVectorView (

PaintableVectorView enables to change color of paths/groups in Vector Drawable

SpannableStringParser (

A SpannableString Parser for Android

inject (

A simple Kotlin multi-platform abstraction around the javax.inject annotations

Kotlin-Pokedex (

A Pokedex app using ViewModel, LiveData, Room and Navigation

manifold (

A model-agnostic visual debugging tool for machine learning

ZoomRecylerLayout (

A beautiful Zoom Animation Library for RecyclerView Items in Android using Kotlin


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Android Studio Device Screenshots and Demo UI Option (

In this video, Nate Ebel walks through how to create Android Studio device screenshots and use the Demo UI Android Developer Option to make these screenshots look clean and professional.

Assistant on Air Podcast (

The Actions on Google team have launched the Assistant on Air podcast. Subscribe on your favorite channel and get new episodes straight to your feed!

Android Developers Backstage: First Law of Motion...Layout (

In this episode, Tor, Romain and Chet chit chat with Nicolas Roard and John Hoford from the Android Studio team about Motion Layout -- and ConstraintLayout and visual editing in the IDE.



link image   Confidence (

Mark Allison writes about confidence and how it can be built by confronting and overcoming the things that scare you, and you can build on that to the point where you almost forget that you were scared in the first place.