Issue #40

October 5th, 2012

Articles & Tutorials

Link Bild Twitter Feed on an App Widget (

In this tutorial you'll learn how to create a Twitter widget that updates every 30 seconds.


Styling the ActionBar – Part 3 (
Mark Allisons 3rd post about styling the ActionBar. You should check out the past posts if you haven't already.

Test Automation - 10 Lessons Learned (
In this post Dominik Dary gives you 10 (sometimes painful) lessons learned, when doing Test Automation.

Libraries & Code

PhotoView (
Chris Banes has released PhotoView, a simple ImageView that support zooming, both by Multi-touch gestures and double-tap.

Disk LRU Cache (
Disk LRU Cache, written by Jake Wharton, is a cache that uses a certain amount of space on a filesystem.

Jalousie (
Jalousie, a library providing expandable layouts and views for Android.


Link Bild Android UI/UX Tips #2 (

Second blog post by Tayler Ling about UI/UX tips for designing Android apps.


Droidstyle (
Droid Style is a little blog dedicated how little design details are done in the Android world.


Link Bild Android Design in Action (

Travel Booking and Planning


App of the Week

Verge (
The Verge app. Nice designed and worth a look.