Issue #408

April 5th, 2020

Articles & Tutorials

link image   AnimatedIcons: Mail (

The animation that Mark Allison works on this time is a mail icon where the flap of the envelope opens, and a page inside the envelope appears.

App Standby Buckets In Android (

Deepanshu describes a new feature introduced in Android 9 for better battery(power) management called App Standby Buckets.

link image   Deploy Android Chat In Hours With Stream (

Learn how easy it is to use Stream's Android Java & Kotlin chat SDK. Build real-time chat for Android in hours not months. Start a free trial now and try out Stream's chat API and SDK Components. See why Stream powers the feeds and chat for over 500 million end-users.

Exploring Kotlin/Native - Part 1 (

In this blog series, Jamie Lee explores Kotlin/Native in-depth: What it is, what it can do, and what it can’t.

link image   Road-Snapped GPS Accuracy for your Android App (

PathSense TruePath snaps GPS locations to the curvature of the roads, on the phone, in real time. Privacy: No data leaves the phone. No need for Google Roads API. Try the SDK for FREE in your own app today!

Orientation, Spanning and Insets (

Meir Ben Itay discusses how your Android application will behave on the Surface Duo.

Jetpack ViewModel initialization (

Bevan Steele shows how using ViewModels in Android Jetpack is an awesome approach for decoupling business logic from Activities/Fragments, and is extremely easy to get started with.

Android Multi-Module & Dagger: a real use case (

Julián Ezequiel Picó explains, step by step, how to use Dagger to integrate different modules dependencies in your project.

Android: Error handling in Clean Architecture (

When you're building an app using Clean Architecture patterns, how do you propagate errors between the layers? Duy Phạm shares an example of how to do this.

How To Write Use Cases (Interactors) in Kotlin (

Use case classes, also known as interactors, are probably the most recognizable aspect of “Clean Architecture” school of thought. Vasiliy describes how you can implement use cases in Kotlin.

Surviving Configuration Change with ViewModel (

In this article, Charles Muchene traces how the ViewModel is created and survives configuration change.

Layout Inspector (

Android Studio 4.0 comes with an updated Layout Inspector that lets you debug your Android app UI. Murat Yener walks through all its features and how it can be useful.

Dagger code generation cheat sheets (

Have you ever wondered what Dagger does under the hood? Manuel Vivo shares a set of cheat sheets that describe what all that generated Dagger code means.

Taming File Storage on Android  —  Part 2 (

Luka Kordić wraps up this series describing the intricacies of file storage on more current versions of Android.

Merge adapters sequentially with MergeAdapter (

Florina Muntenescu introduces MergeAdapter, a new class which enables you to sequentially combine multiple adapters to be displayed in a single RecyclerView.

Fixing serialization of Kotlin objects once and for all (

This article by Andrei Shikov goes through the implementation of a compiler plugin to auto-generate "readResolve" method to each object implementing



Senior Android Developer (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

The Bosch eBike / COBI.Bike Software Team is looking for a passionate & experienced Android Developer who is enthusiastic about connected mobility and hungry to take on development responsibilities on a new app at our rapidly growing start-up.

Senior Android at Fabulous, Material Design Winner (Remote)

Join Fabulous, Best App Finalist in Google Play Awards, and contribute to positively impact people lives through behavioral change techniques.


Libraries & Code

link image   FloorPlan (

Translate Room schemas to Database Markup Language (DBML).

chip-navigation-bar (

A navigation bar widget inspired on Google Bottom Navigation mixed with Chips component.

PowerPermission (

PowerPermission is a library to simplify process of demanding RuntimePermission.



link image   Meet the finalists of the Google Play Indie Games Festival (

Check out the list of finalists in 2020’s Google Play Indie Games Festival


Videos & Podcasts

link image   AoG Pro Tips: Share your Action (

On this episode of AoG Pro Tips, we will learn about how you can leverage action links to increase discoverability of your action to more users with Jessica Dene Earley-Cha

Extend your Android app to the Google Assistant (

Meet Eliza Camberogiannis, a GDE for the Google Assistant. Eliza is a passionate Android developer who just recently joined the Google Developer Experts team. In this episode, we’ll learn how to extend your Android app to the Google Assistant.

Android Developers Backstage: Audio Podcast (

In this first ever full-remote episode, Tor and Chet discuss audio programming with Don Turner from the Android DevRel team, and Phil Burk from the Android Audio Framework team

Inline functions - Kotlin Vocabulary (

See what happens when you pass lambda functions as parameters, what inline does under the hood, and what you should be aware of when working with inline functions