Issue #409

April 12th, 2020

Android Weekly Updates

We'll move from Mailchimp to Constant Contact (

Due to the temporary loss of income because of Covid-19 and high costs using Mailchimp to send our weekly issues to more than 66k subscribers, we take advantage of a good offer and move from Mailchimp to Constant Contact as our email sending service. For you, the newsletter reader, nothing should change. Consider adding to your contact list, so it's not getting filtered.


Articles & Tutorials

link image   Exploring Jetpack Compose: Checkbox (

In this post, Joe Birch takes a quick dive into the Checkbox component from Jetpack Compose.

link image   D8 Desugaring (

Mark Allison looks at one of the features of the D8 dex compiler: desugaring. He’ll explain what that is and what benefits it can bring us.

Building a Beautiful MVVM Android Application: Jetpack + Architectures (

Jaewoong Eum continues the series, and in this post looks into modern Android development tools and architectures.

Building Multiplatform Projects with Gradle (

Setting up a Kotlin Multiplatform project and want to check a correct block or target name for a Gradle script? Check out the new Kotlin Multiplatform DSL Reference!

A Code Review Checklist to Focus on the Important Parts (

Try following Michaela Greiler's code review checklist for improving your review practice to make it more beneficial for your team.

Migrating Duolingo’s Android app to 100% Kotlin (

Duolingo for Android was a Java app for its first five years of existence. Two years later, it’s now 100% Kotlin! Art Chaidarun describes how this migration proved to be a huge success in terms of code maintainability and developer happiness.

Securing WebViews with Chrome Custom Tabs (

In this article Zachary Sweigart explains why Chrome Custom Tabs were the most secure for entering sensitive information and how to overcome the technical issues encountered along the way.

Bubbles Tutorial for Android 10: Getting Started (

In this Bubbles for Android 10 tutorial, Jenn Bailey shows how to use the Bubble API to create notification bubbles to let users easily multitask.

Android MVI architecture with Jetpack & Coroutines/Flow — Part 2 (

Now that there's a base RecyclerView adapter in order to bootstrap lists in part 1, Pavlos-Petros Tournaris shows how we will fetch, transform and present the data of our screen.

Lottie for Android primer (

Bevan Steele demonstrates how simple it is to add delightful animations to your app with the Lottie library.

Building a DevOps pipeline for your App: Choose a CI/CD server (

Peter-John Welcome compares and contrasts numerous online Continuous Integration services that can be used for mobile apps.

AoG ProTips: Test Suite for Smart Home (

Dave Smith describes how the test suite for smart home allows you to self-test your smart home Action and verify that it meets all the necessary criteria before you submit for review.

Customizing WorkManager — Fundamentals (

In this article, Pietro Maggi talks about custom configurations of WorkManager for doing background work in your app.

Easy navigation in a multi-module Android project (

After adopting a multi-module approach where each Gradle module would contain a single feature, Gaël Marhic ran into some inter-activity navigation challenges. Here's how he solved them.

Android lint rule for immutable Kotlin data classes (

As Sinan Kozak was learning Kotlin, he notices several patterns that were leading to writing errors in code, so he wrote some Lint rules to help alleviate some of these issues.

Android Battery Testing at Microsoft YourPhone (

Aaron Oertel describes battery testing for helping to reduce battery consumption in your app.



link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (

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Senior Android at Fabulous, Material Design Winner (Remote)

Join Fabulous, Best App Finalist in Google Play Awards, and contribute to positively impact people lives through behavioral change techniques.

Senior Android Developer (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

The Bosch eBike / COBI.Bike Software Team is looking for a passionate & experienced Android Developer who is enthusiastic about connected mobility and hungry to take on development responsibilities on a new app at our rapidly growing start-up.


Libraries & Code

link image   GuideToCustomViews (

The ultimate guide to Android custom views

android-lints (

A custom set of android lint rules

Quadrant (

A Gradle plugin for Android that makes navigation easy in multi-module projects



Google Play updates and information: Resources for developers (

Google has pulled together some important information to help you maintain business continuity, as well as best practices to help you stay nimble in the changing landscape.

Local Home SDK Ready for Actions (

Dave Smith announces that Google is now allowing you to submit local fulfillment apps along with your smart home Action through the Actions console using Local Home SDK v1.0.

link image   droidcon Online (

Over the next months, Droidcon will host a series of virtual gatherings featuring GDEs and other Android experts from our communities across the globe on a wide range of Android development topics. These webinars will be highly informative and fully interactive