Issue #41

October 12th, 2012

Articles & Tutorials

Link Bild AndroidKickstartR (

AndroidKickstartR helps you to quickly create a well configured Android application using the most popular libraries. It creates and configures your project for you. Just focus on code!


Adding a change log dialog to your app (
Release often, release early - it's a good mantra in software development. To keep your customers up to date you may use a changelog dialog. This post explains how to do it.

Take These Steps to Make your Android App Accessible (
In this blog post Wolfram Rittmeyer explains the steps that are necessary to make your Android app accessible.

Styling the ActionBar Part 4 (
Mark Allisons 4th post about styling the ActionBar. You should check out the past posts if you haven't already.

Libraries & Code

ShowcaseView (
The ShowcaseView library is designed to highlight and showcase specific parts of apps to the user with a distinctive and attractive overlay.

Meet Polaris, a map library for Android (
Polaris is a nice library, by Cyrill Mottier, that makes the developer life much easier when dealing with Google Maps. Read a nice wrap up of all features in his blog post. The source is released on Github.


Link Bild Ericsson Application Awards 2013 (

Ericsson has started Application Awards 2013. So if you have a good app idea, go for the 25.000 € prize money.


App development growing: Android vs. iOS (
Good news everyone! According to a GigaOM survey the amount of apps developed on Android is growing at a faster rate than iOS.

Free Trial Period (
If you want to lower the entry barrier for customers to use your app, while keeping you revenue stream steady check out the new try-and-buy feature for in-app-subscriptions.


Link Bild Android Developer Lab+ - Connectivity APIs (

This recorded Android Developer Lab+ hangout deals about Connectivity APIs.


App of the Week

Polaris Sample (
A demonstration application for the polaris library project