Issue #424

July 26th, 2020

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Kotlin/Native Memory Management Roadmap (

The current automatic memory management implementation in Kotlin/Native has limitations when it comes to concurrency and we are working on a replacement. Existing code will continue to work and will be supported.

Custom Lints (

Anupam Singh walks through the process of creating a custom lint rule.

Architecture's Biggest Benefit (

Rebecca Stockbridge shares what she considers to be the most important benefit of implementing an architecture style.

Android Vitals - Diving into cold start waters (

This blog series is focused on stability and performance monitoring of Android apps in production. Over the next blog posts, Py will explore how to monitor cold start.

How we ensure credible analytics on Dropbox mobile apps (

Adding user analytics to a feature may seem like a straightforward task. Marianna Budnikova discusses how in reality, the user analytics story is a lot more complicated.

Accelerating TensorFlow Lite with XNNPACK Integration (

Marat Dukhan announces on average, 2.3X faster floating-point inference through Google's integration of the XNNPACK library into TensorFlow Lite.

Decrease startup time with Jetpack App Startup (

Application startup time is a critical metric for any application. Jetpack App Startup is a library that provides a straightforward, performant way to initialize components at application startup.

Modern date and time handling in all Android versions (without sugar) (

In the latest Android Gradle plugin release (v.4.0.0+), "Java 8+ API desugaring support" was introduced. Bevan Steele takes a look at how this provides a new date and time support.

How Discord Made Android In-App Navigation Easier (

Donald Chen describes adding a new navigation paradigm to the Discord app.

Solving missing System Entities in Actions Builder: Community Types! (

If you have tried the new tool for building Actions on Google, the Actions Builder, you may have noticed it missing the depth of System Entities that DialogFlow has. Denis Valášek shares a repository of these definitions.

Mysterious SQLite bugs and how to solve them (

Alec Strong describes a mysterious bug that presented itself on Android 30.

Android Model-View-Intent with Kotlin Flow (

Adam Hurwitz provides an in-depth analysis of various MVI implementations.

Migrating the Google I/O app to Hilt (

In this article Jose Alcérreca goes through our experience migrating the Google I/O app to using the Hilt library.

Getting on the same page with Paging 3 (

Florina Muntenescu announces the launch of Paging 3.0 (now in alpha02), a complete rewrite of the library using Kotlin coroutines while still supporting Java users and offering the features you asked for.

Hilt and Dagger annotations cheat sheet (

Hilt defines a standard way to do dependency injection (DI) in your application by providing containers for every Android class in your project. This cheat sheet allows you to quickly see what the different Hilt and Dagger annotations do and how to use them.


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link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (


Libraries & Code

link image   moko-errors (

Automated exceptions handler for mobile (android & ios) Kotlin Multiplatform development

maskara (

A simple way to format text fields without getting affected by input filters.

aog-community-types (

Community Types is a collection of open Types to use with Actions Builder. These Types were contributed by the community!

sunflower (

A gardening app illustrating Android development best practices with Android Jetpack.

space-app (

An Android app which shows timeline of upcoming rocket launches and showcases architecture of real application.



link image   Introducing Jetpack on GitHub (

Interested in looking at the source code for or contributing to Jetpack libraries, and you like Github? Alan Viverette announces that Google is beginning a project to meet developers where they are: GitHub.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Taking Advantage of Kotlin for Android (

Nate Ebel's overview of Kotlin for Android development. He explores the Kotlin First approach to modern Android development as we explore how to take advantage of Kotlin for Android development.

Android Developers Backstage: Grab that Dagger by the Hilt (

In this episode, Chet and Romain are joined by Daniel Santiago from Jetpack, and Eric Chang from Dagger to talk about Hilt.

Navigating navigation (

Ian covers how Navigation 2.2 and 2.3’s improvements in deep linking, APIs for returning a result, new support for testing Navigation, and integration with dynamic feature modules can make some common tasks and some tricky cases much easier to handle.

One Shot: Meaningful vector animation using Shape Shifter (

A fun lightning talk by Garima Jain about how to add motion to boring SVGs provided by designers and turn them into cool animations

Introducing Android Performance Tuner (

The new Android Performance Tuner is a library within the Android Game SDK that unlocks game performance insights within Android vitals. In this episode, Dan Galpin shows how to integrate the Android Performance Tuner with your games and the kinds of insights you will get to optimize, such as graphical fidelity and frame rate.

Hilt - Android Dependency Injection (

Hilt is a dependency injection library for Android that reduces the boilerplate of doing manual dependency injection in your project. In this video Daniel demonstrates how to set up Hilt in an application, showcases its testing APIs and explains some of Hilt internals to demonstrate its benefits.