Issue #425

August 2nd, 2020

Articles & Tutorials

link image   A few experiments with Android drawable gradients (

Drawable gradients seem to be rarely used despite their simple syntax, so Jake Lee shows several examples of what's possible.

Kotlin Flow Retry Operator with Exponential Backoff Delay (

In this tutorial, Amit Shekhar teaches about the Kotlin Flow retry and retryWhen operators and how to retry the task with exponential backoff delay using it.

Kotlin Multiplatform + Rx + MVVM (

What is better for a developer than writing code once and run it on various platforms, natively. Hossein Abbasi shows how to write reactive MVVM implementation using Kotlin Multiplatform.

Understanding your build with the Build Analyzer (

Michael Hazard examines the Build Analyzer, a tool designed to help all developers understand what determines the duration of their build and how it can be minimized.

Configuration Caching deep dive (

Configuration caching is a fundamental building block in making builds faster. Ivan Gavrilovic shows some upcoming features (available experimentally for now) that can potentially make your builds faster than before.

Introducing the Motion Editor (

This blog is a quick tour of the new Motion Editor and how to use the latest features during your animation development.

Design Tools Suite UX enhancements in Android Studio 4.1 (

Paris Hsu takes a closer look at some of the design tool enhancements in Android Studio 4.1

Android Vitals - Rising to the first drawn surface (

Py continues the series on stability and performance monitoring. This post is a continuation of the deep dive on cold start, where it goes from the launch of the first activity to the first draw on a surface.

Multiple navigation graphs (with bottom navigation bar) (

Bevan Steele describes why you need to build two navigation graphs when transitioning between a logged out and logged in state in your app.

Exploring Android 11: Data Access Auditing (

Joe Birch describes the introduction of the new Data Access Auditing API, used to help developers become more aware of user data they are accessing – both from their own code and that of third party dependencies within the project.

Hidden pitfalls when using Elvis operator (

Danny Preussler describes how the elvis operator can lead to some hidden pitfalls if you are not aware of how it works.

Database Inspector (

Murat Yener describes a new tool in Android Studio 4.1 called Database Inspector, which helps you inspect, query, and modify databases in your running app.

Modern Security in Android (part 4) (

Dinorah Tovar continues the series on “Modern Security for Android Developers”, this time covering the use of biometrics for local auth.


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link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (


Libraries & Code

can-i-drop-jetifier (

Gradle plugin that checks if there are dependencies using support library instead of AndroidX



link image   New dual-screen controls preview (

Cristian describes some updates to Microsoft Surface Duo Android support SDKs.

The winners of the Google Play Indie Games Festival are... (

Google wrapped up the Indie Games Festivals in Europe, Japan, and South Korea. You can now check out the three winners and Top 10 finalists from each of the contests.

Kotlin 1.4.0-RC: Debugging coroutines (

This post highlights an upcoming change in the Kotlin 1.4 release, which includes new functionality to conveniently debug coroutines.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Debugging UI issues with Layout Inspector (

Android Studio 4.0 comes with an updated Layout Inspector that lets you debug your Android app UI in a way that’s similar to Chrome dev tools.

Motion Tags Ep1 - MotionLayout + MotionScene (

This series of short clips introduces you to all the tags associated with MotionLayout. This episode starts by talking about MotionLayout and MotionScene.

What's new in Compose Design Tools (

Have a sneak peek at some of the tooling Google is working on to help you develop your Jetpack Compose applications.